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What is Build A Box?

  • Build A Box is an online tool connecting corrugated buyers to a vast network of Packaging Suppliers within their local area who compete for their box business.
  • Build A Box is a ground breaking concept that is making headway as a new platform in lead generation. An innovative way in linking corrugated buyers and suppliers online.
  • Build A Box is the future hub, the packaging central for information, the latest packaging news, interests, solutions and advertising online.
  • Build A Box is reshaping the future in how we do business in packaging.

What can Build A Box do for me?

Build A Box helps you:

  • Market to potential customers and generate leads
  • Capture the new trend of web-based packaging buyers
  • Advertise new product launches
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Qualify Leads; Choose the customer type you would like to do business with through personal filter(s)
  • Reduce prospecting time; Eliminate cold calling
  • Shorten your sell time by getting in front of the decision maker
  • Reduce Overhead by decreasing advertising costs
  • Increase closing rates- Choose your customer; manage your leads
  • Enter new territories
  • Enhance your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

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