There Must Be an Easier Way to Get Leads...And There Is!

Are you still cold calling? Telemarketing? Using the phone book to generate leads?

Wow! Who still does that?

Like all sales people, we started out cold calling and telemarketing because that’s just what we were told to do. I’m sure you can still hear your boss saying…"It’s all a numbers game, the more calls you make, the more you sell!” Yeah, right! But, we all did it, for years! Even through doors shut in our face, hang ups, wasted gas, time, money and effort.

We get your frustration of trying to drum up business on ice cold leads. We said to ourselves, “There MUST be an easier way than this!” And, guess what? There is! And Build a Box was born. Build a Box is a collaboration and a combination of almost 40 years of experience.

We have custom box buyers ready to buy boxes from local Orange County and Los Angeles packaging companies, all in one place. No cold calling, no telemarketing and definitely no phone books. Click below to see our current active leads and get ready to throw out that phone book!

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