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RSC Regular Slotted Container
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The Regular Slotted Container
(RSC) is the most common
box style used for shipping and
storage. The two outer flaps of an RSC box meet at the center of the box when folded and are usually closed using tape, or staples. Where the product requires additional protection over the top or bottom, corrugated pads can be placed between the inside flaps.


FPF Five Panel Folder
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A five panel folder is an unglued
corrugated box useful for packaging
large items and oddly shaped items and is used in furniture packaging, window packaging, and picture frame packaging.

FOL Full Overlap Slotted Container
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FOL boxes have outer flaps which,
when closed, come within one inch
of complete overlap. The FOL box style is
resistant to rough handling, and offers extra padding when stacked on its bottom panel, and extra stacking strength when stacked on its side panels.

OPF One Piece Folder
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Ideal for shipping and mailing books,
binders, etc. The board is scored to form the sides and top flaps of the box.

RETT Roll End Tuck Top
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Simple unglued box that needs to
be folded when assembled. The
sides are 3 layers of corrugated for added strength and the top opens and closes with a tuck to the inside of the box. You can also add dust flaps and cherry locks for added stability.

RETT- Roll End Tuck Top with Dust Flap Corrugated Mailers are the same as RETT's but have flaps on the side that fold in to keep dust out of the product. They are generally 4" or less in height. There are more more than 110 sizes available.

This very sturdy box sets up easily without needing to be glued. When the sides are rolled over, the box locks into place. It's closed simply by tucking the lid into the top.


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