Vendor FAQ

[+] [-] What is Build a Box?
Build A Box is an online tool connecting corrugated buyers to a vast network of Packaging Suppliers within their local area who compete for their box business.

Build A Box is a ground breaking concept that is making headway as a new platform in lead generation. An innovative way in linking corrugated buyers and suppliers online.

Build A Box is the future hub, the packaging central for information, the latest packaging news, interests, solutions and advertising online.

Build A Box is reshaping the future in how we do business in packaging.
[+] [-] What can Build A Box do for me?
Build A Box helps you:
  • Market to potential customers and generate leads
  • Capture the new trend of web-based packaging buyers
  • Advertise new product launches
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Qualify Leads; Choose the customer type you would like to do business with through personal filter(s)
  • Reduce prospecting time; Eliminate cold calling
  • Shorten your sell time by getting in front of the decision maker
  • Reduce Overhead by decreasing advertising costs
  • Increase closing rates- Choose your customer; manage your leads
  • Enter new territories
  • Enhance your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
[+] [-] How long does it take to get vendor approval?
Vendor approval, typically, takes within 48 hours after registration submittance.
[+] [-] How much do leads cost?
Leads are priced based on square footage rating (as seen below). Leads are purchased using credits and each credit equals $0.50. Leads are as low as 2 credits ($1). Costs depend on the size of the order based on square footage.
Lead rating legend
Square Feet Rating

0 - 1,000
1,001 - 10,000
10,001 - 25,000
25,001 - 50,000
[+] [-] Why are there different credit packages?
Different credit packages are available for purchase. Volume discounts apply. So, the bigger the credit package you purchase the lower price per lead you pay.
[+] [-] How do I get "real" time lead postings?
Sign up for Premium Account and get the BABO-ALERT! Email Notification System that flags you the moment a new lead is posted.
[+] [-] How do I set up target filters for my BABO-ALERT! System?
You may set up your target filters based on the following categories:
  • Distance from Zip Code
  • Max/Min Bid Cost
  • Max/Min Lead Rating
  • Frequency of Emails
[+] [-] Do my credits expire?
No, credits do not expire.
[+] [-] What is a Top Rated Vendor status and how do you attain it?
The Top Rated Vendor status is given to the vendors who provide the best experience to their customers. Vendors are rated by the following criteria: quality, value for money and reliability. Customers give a star rating based on their experience from to stars. Those vendors who consistently rate favorably are those who attain Top Rated Vendor Status
[+] [-] Am I obligated to quote on exactly what the end user/consumer is requesting?
You are not obligated to quote on 'exactly' what is being requested. Bear in mind that many times, the end user/consumer is not sure of 'exactly' what it is they want or need. Also, they may not be fully aware of the best box that might be available/suitable for their product or application. Remember, you are the expert here! Looking at a quote request and knowing that a box is inefficient or impossible to make shows that you know your stuff! Put your skills to work and make recommendations on what is efficient, cost effective and practical for the customer!
  • Suggest a stock size box
  • Quote on an efficient box style
  • Suggest applying a label as opposed to printing on small quantity print run requests
  • Or all of the above

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