Build a Box - Custom Boxes | 4 Ways To Use Custom Display Stands To Maximize Your Checkout Counter Space

4 Ways To Use Custom Display Stands To Maximize Your Checkout Counter Space

Earning retail display space in a store is a valuable tool for standing out to customers and boosting sales. However, where that corrugated cardboard display is located within the store can play a significant role in its effectiveness. 

Having a custom POP display at the checkout counter or near the register alleyway is highly valuable since it’s the one part of the store that all customers are guaranteed to visit. Consumers will also have the greatest exposure to products there since they’ll likely have to stand in that area for several minutes while waiting in the checkout line.

However, cardboard countertop displays in the checkout area need to maximize space since there’s limited square footage around the register. To impress store owners and secure a spot near the checkout, follow these four tips for maximizing counter space with your corrugated POP display.

1. Build a Captivating Display

No matter what type of retail display you’re utilizing, whether it’s an endcap display or retail ready packaging, you should ensure that it quickly and intensely captures the customer’s attention. 

Standing out in a brick-and-mortar store can be a difficult task, even with display space, so focus on creating a compact yet vivid display that can be positioned at the checkout counter without blending into the background. Prominently feature your brand name, product name, and other key information to help you leave a solid first impression with new consumers and to help make your products easily identifiable to loyal customers.

2. Design for the Checkout Line

If you need more space than just a countertop display, design your cardboard display for the shopping alley. Customers can be busy at the register itself, scanning their cards and bagging their items, so creating a custom display that can be set up in the line leading to the register can sometimes be even more valuable than space at the register itself.

When you place your custom display stands in the checkout line, customers have more time to browse the products while they wait to make their purchases. It would also be more versatile, able to be placed in regular aisles or at endcaps if the store owner needs to move it. If you design solely for the countertop, you risk having your display removed entirely if the store switches up its displays for the season.

3. Create a Good Shopping Experience

It’s only natural that your intention when designing a custom cardboard display is to sell more products, but you also need to think about the customer’s shopping experience. Improving that experience through easy access to new or popular products will enhance the customer’s shopping experience and likely lead to boosted sales.

Fill your custom POP display with your newest release, products that are relevant to the holiday or season, or evergreen bestsellers that customers often look for before leaving the store. Adding convenience for the customer will encourage impulse purchases in the moment and even have them coming back for more.

4. Make a Mobile Display for Easy Movement

Flexibility and versatility are key in retail settings, so for best results, make sure your corrugated POP display is mobile. If your POP display is stationary, it will always be confined to a specific area at the register. When it comes time to switch out displays, having less versatility means that your display risks being eliminated from the floor altogether. 

If you have versatile corrugated cardboard display stands, store owners can easily move your display if necessary, maintaining your product visibility and keeping you in front of customers in some capacity. While the checkout area is always ideal, any display type is better than none, so aim for maximum versatility to ensure you stay visible to consumers.

If you’re ready to create a custom POP display that customers and store owners will appreciate, Build A Box can help you create the custom cardboard countertop display you’re envisioning. We make it easy with our online design tool and our team of custom display design experts, always ready to help you and work one-on-one with your business. To find out more about our corrugated cardboard display stands, or to receive a free quote for your custom cardboard display, give us a call today at (888) 406-1610 or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!