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DID YOU KNOW: Measuring a box

Did you know: The quickest way to measure a box is by looking at the opening of the box and measuring the longest panel first? Using a tape measure, place it in the bottom of the box (approximately one inch from the back wall) and measure from left to right. Repeat the process on the […]

Did you know: Industry Standards

Did you know: it’s easy to tell if a box meets industry standards, just look for the Manufacturer’s Certification Stamp. This stamp can usually be found on the bottom flap of a box, and it identifies the material as being “singlewall,” “doublewall” or “triplewall.” The Certification Stamp also specifies if the material has passed the […]

DID YOU KNOW: Corrugated or Cardboard Boxes

Did you know: What the difference is between Corrugated or Cardboard boxes? Folks think they’re the same, but any packaging engineer would cringe to hear these terms being used interchangeably. Corrugated boxes are easily identified by their layers (usually three): An inside liner, an outside liner, and a “fluting,” which is sandwiched between. It’s the […]


Did you know: Corrugated boxes are a non-toxic, biodegradable product that can be safely disposed of, or recycled? The benefits of recycling cardboard is that it saves oil and energy. In fact, when you recycle 1 ton of cardboard this saves 46 gallons of oil! Did you know: Although corrugated boxes are fully recyclable, oil […]


Mullens VS ECT I see a lot of the manufacturers on the west coast switching to ect as opposed to mullens tested boxes. This was a problem about 10 years ago with a lot of the end users as the main complaint with ect boxes were the actual thickness of the corrugated. It seems that […]

How to create a custom box?

How to create a custom box? That is the question we get from a great number of buisnesses looking to create custom packaging in California. To make a custom box you will need to determine what box style is right for you product. There are a few styles to choose from like the most popular […]