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The Types of Custom Corrugated Displays

A custom corrugated display is the perfect way to claim your own space inside of your third party retailer. Point-of-sale displays are incredibly versatile in both design and functionality, allowing you to effectively market your product and spread brand awareness. The possibilities are virtually endless with custom corrugated displays, but here are the top four […]

Using Custom Mailer Boxes as Effective Marketing

The McDonald’s arches. The Starbucks mermaid. The Nike swoosh. A good logo is instantly recognizable, bringing to mind a specific company and its product in just seconds. Spreading brand awareness and increasing familiarity with your company’s branding is essential to helping your company grow in its industry. With custom mailer boxes from Build A Box, […]

Why Literature Boxes are Right for Your Company

If you’re an Anaheim company that specializes in shipping books, binders, catalogs, stationery, magazines, business cards, or other flat literary products, you should consider investing in custom literature boxes for your business. Literature boxes are a versatile and durable shipping solution that will protect your products from dust, debris, and damage during transport and storage. […]

Choosing the Right Packaging for Your Company’s Products

The way that your product is packaged plays a key role in how consumers respond to it. Good custom packaging can elevate your brand value, spread brand awareness, and help earn repeat customers. You can set your Anaheim business apart from the competition by choosing custom wholesale boxes from Build A Box. But how do […]

How Custom Wholesale Boxes Can Spread Brand Awareness

If you’re looking for an affordable way to impress your customers, elevate your brand value, and increase your Anaheim company’s exposure, custom wholesale boxes for your business are the perfect solution. Fully customizable dimensions and full-color branded designs will guarantee that your package stands out in a sea of standard brown cardboard and gets your […]

Utilizing Mailer Boxes for Subscription Box Companies

If your subscription box service is based out of the Anaheim area, you should consider custom mailer boxes for your business. Utilizing mailer boxes for your subscription services allows you to go above and beyond the standard for subscription companies, offering customers a premium experience at an affordable price. Custom mailer boxes also allow you […]

How Customized Shipping Boxes Protect Your Product

Customized shipping boxes have numerous benefits for your Anaheim company, including elevating your sense of professionalism and serving as an effective tool to spread brand awareness. However, it also offers the practical benefit of better protecting your product during shipping. Ordering a box with customized dimensions will protect your product while it’s in transit and […]

How Branded Retail Boxes Help Sell Your Product

As an Anaheim business trying to sell any sort of product, you need to ensure that you stand out from the competition. Consumers make purchasing decisions quickly, especially in stores, and immediate impact is necessary to earn that purchase. With custom retail shipper boxes from Build A Box®, you can create eye-catching custom designs that […]

3 Ways to Customize a Mailer Box for Your Business

Packaging has become just as important as the product inside. With online ordering more prevalent than ever before, customers’ doorsteps have become a uniform sea of brown. Command attention and elevate your customers’ experience by investing in custom mailer boxes for your business. Mailer boxes, also known as roll end tuck top (RETT) boxes, are […]

5 Reasons You Should Use Custom Shipping Boxes for Your Business

If you’re looking for an affordable way to impress your customers and stand out from the competition, custom shipping boxes are a great option. Choose any set of dimensions and add your logo or full-color designs to transform your boring brown shipping boxes into traveling advertisements at an affordable rate. Here are five reasons why […]