What NOT to Do with Your Custom Box

When you discover the freedom you have to be creative with your custom branded boxes, it’s easy for designs to become over the top and out of hand. Although there is nothing wrong with exploring your creativity, there are a few things you want to avoid when it comes to creating your customized boxes.

#1: Hard to Open

Nothing in life should be complicated, packaging included. You want your packaging to keep your products safe, but there’s no need to make it hard for your customers. Easy-to-open boxes mean happy customers! We can guarantee one thing – the faster the customer can get to what they spent their money on, the happier they’re going to be.

#2: Lack of Branding

When you’ve customized a box, there is no reason why it shouldn’t speak to your brand! Branding elements may include adding your logo, colors, messaging, and more. Branding your customized box will make it more memorable, and help build brand recognition amongst your customer base.

#3: Missing the Target Audience

Every company has a target audience, and the customized boxes should tailor to that audience. Think about what will be appealing to your ideal customer. For example, if your products cater to children, the packaging should be colorful, playful, and fun, so kids want to open the box and play with what’s inside! On the other end of the spectrum, products targeted towards older adults may need larger text, so it’s easier to read.

#4: Too Much Extra Space

Remember: smaller boxes mean smaller cost. A lipstick packed in a box triple its size with a bunch of packing peanuts is a waste of space and money! Use the environmentally friendly option and have your box sizes at the minimum necessary size.

#5: Not Being Eco-Friendly

Speaking of being environmentally friendly, many consumers have started to care more about the environment, and they expect brands to do the same. Customers love knowing that their products and their packaging are ethical and eco-friendly.

Here at Build A Box, not only are our boxes 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly, they are easily customizable to your company’s brand and vision. Get started on your customized box today! Give us a call at (888) 406-1610 to get connected with a design specialist.

How Customized & Branded Boxes Set You Apart

When it comes to shipping and packaging products, it’s really easy to just bulk order regular brown boxes to package your products. Many business owners think customers only care about what’s inside the box, and although this is partially true, a customer’s first impression starts with the box itself.

Customized boxes are ultimately about one thing: brand recognition. Customers are more likely to invest in products they recognize and trust. For example, when shopping for new tennis shoes, many people will immediately go toward boxes with a Nike swoosh on them or the Adidas stripes because these companies are reputable. Consumers are drawn to the branded boxes they recognize.

Many purchasing decisions are made subconsciously because people stick with what they know. People will continue using a brand until they have a reason not to. This is why brand recognition is vital for companies and why it starts with what people see first: the packaging. Some consumers might not even think twice before picking which product to buy because they will be loyal to the company they are familiar with.

Nike and Adidas are both reputable sports apparel companies that dominate the market. Both brands have loyal customers, and few of those customers probably overlap. The companies have strong branding strategies that allow them to be set apart from each other, and customers are easily able to differentiate between the two by their packaging alone.

So how can you get your customers to be drawn to your products? How practical is it to build brand recognition for your company? The answer is customizing branded boxes is easy with Build A Box, and you could even get started on it right now!

With our online design tool, you can build a custom box with your logo, color scheme, and the quality and strength you need. We also have a team of design experts to help create your perfect branded box if you need something more specialized. Setting yourself apart has never been easier! All of our custom boxes and products are 100% recyclable, making it both environmentally friendly and economical.

Are you ready to strengthen your company’s brand recognition? Get started on a customized box with our free design tool. Have questions? Give us a call at (888) 406-1610. We’d love to help you bring your vision to life.

What Makes Boxes Unboxing Video Worthy?

All across YouTube, Instagram, and all other social media platforms, unboxing videos have become a popular trend. The concept is quite simple: a consumer records the process of opening a package to reveal the box, the packaging, the products inside, and the consumer’s first impression. From Apple products to bridesmaids dresses, there’s something in common about these unboxing videos that make it “unboxing worthy.”

The best “unboxing worthy” packages are designed well and detailed, not just a boring brown box with tape on it. The packaging is an extension of the company’s brand, and if the customers are impressed, then they are more likely to become a returning customer.

Here are some features that the best “unboxing worthy” packages have:

Easy to Open Design

There’s nothing more frustrating when a user can’t open the box! Maybe the box is taped a little too much, or it takes a little more than common sense to figure out how to open it. Whatever the issue is, nobody likes a box that is hard to open. Just because a customized box is different than all other boxes, it doesn’t mean the packages should be harder to open.

Fonts, Color, and Graphics

Regular brown boxes might be cheap, but they’re boring. Notice that there is a lack of popular unboxing videos with Amazon boxes – they’re so dull! Fonts, color, and graphics make boxes more intriguing and adds depth to the package. Many companies will incorporate visuals that are true to their brand or for promotional use with upcoming holidays or seasons.

Use of Space

Overstuffed boxes can lead to damaged products inside. But using a big box for small items is just a waste of space and money. Companies have to think about how the products appear in the box when the customer opens it. The presentation inside of the custom box is just as important to customers, especially when doing an unboxing video.

When companies use customized boxes that are “unboxing worthy,” not only will they have an impressed customer who’ll share on social media, they get free publicity and potentially more customers from the unboxing videos!

Are you thinking about having customized boxes that are unboxing worthy for your company? We can help you design and make the perfect one. Build A Box is here to help. Give us a call today at (888) 406-1610 to get started on your custom package!

Smaller Boxes, Smaller Costs

When it comes to packaging in the retail and e-commerce space, many companies are wasting valuable dollars. Costs are allocated to package filler to keep the items safe during shipping and the price of dimensional weight. These companies are living in a world dictated by stuffing boxes with packing peanuts, and it’s not worth the time or money. If you want to save your company thousands of dollars each ear in shipping costs, you need to consider the benefits of customized boxes.

Customized boxes might seem purely cosmetic at first. It’s easy to think that your company might not need the extra flare. It’s the product that counts, right? Wrong! Custom boxes can offer much practicality! Beautiful packaging, even just the box, has a hugely positive impact on a customer’s experience with your brand and products. Customers feel excited when unboxing a beautifully packaged product, while you get to save vast amounts of money on the cost of shipping.

So how much money are you saving?

Many significant carriers calculate pricing based on dimensional weight or “dim” weight (also known as volumetric weight). Dimensional weight ensures that shipping and freight companies are fully compensated and avoid income losses on lightweight boxes that take up a lot of space. Originally only used for air shipments, “dim” weight has now crossed over into the ground carriers such as UPS to prevent trucks from filling up short of their capacity weight.

What this means for your e-commerce shipping is that whenever you use a box bigger than your product, you’re paying a premium price for the unused space within the box. Fees for wasted space within packages can add up to an additional $8 per package. Customized boxes are the perfect way to eliminate that extra space while also improving customer experience. On average, a custom box for a small product can save you an average of $5 per delivery.

Are you only saving money on shipping costs?

Besides the dimensional weight causing additional costs, you also save money on unforeseen circumstances that might make an impact on your profits. For example, a custom box keeps items from shifting in transit and causing boxes to warp. Warped boxes create issues for delivery trucks and can incur extra fees on top of what you already paid!

You also risk damaging your goods which will cause a drop in profits. Whether your unhappy customer returns a damaged item or the item is destroyed on its way to a store, you’re going to be watching precious money disappear. When your boxes have been made specifically for your products, you ensure the customer gets their items safely and stays a customer long term.

If you’re paying additional shipping fees for your products, custom-made boxes should be a consideration for your business. You can cut costs on the empty box and packing supplies while putting a little personal touch on your delivery. Here at Build A Box, we can start you on the road to a unique and practical box for any product you might be shipping. Give us a call today at (888) 406-1610 to get started!


How to create a custom box? That is the question we get from a great number of businesses looking to create custom packaging in California.

To make a custom box you will need to determine what box style is right for you product. There are a few styles to choose from like the most popular custom RSC box. You will need to measure your products length, width and depth so your custom size boxes will fit accordingly. Please remember that the dimensions you enter should be the inside dimensions of the box. Samples are available to make sure sizing is correct. If you want to brand your cardboard boxes with print, we can definitely help you with that.You can go with Kraft custom printed boxes or white custom printed boxes. All we would need is your artwork so we can provide you with a quote on print plates. Artwork should be sent as an AI, PDF or EPS file. Once we get your print plates quoted and made we will send them to production. It usually takes 7-10 days after approval of artwork and sample to ship, barring any setbacks.

So if you are in the market for a printed subscription box, custom blank shipping box or a retail box, please use our Free easy-to-use online tool to help you design your very own custom box the right way.


We have designed an easy-to-use solution to build or create any custom boxes to your specific specifications. Once you have customized the box you desire, request a free estimate and within 24-48 hours you can compare prices from up to 5 qualified packaging vendors in your area. What separates us from others is two key elements: we try to make your buying experience effortless, and our online box builder is easy to use to create a box from start to finish. If you’re not sure exactly what you need…Don’t worry.  We will have a professional contact you prior to any purchase to discuss the details.


In addition to building your custom corrugated boxes and having the ability to promote your business by adding a company logo and any additional information to add to your brand image.


Custom boxes are the economical and ecofriendly way to ship. It also furthers your business branding as it is a great way to promote your business by printing a company logo and information on the box. Essentially extending marketing reach. With all of this in mind it is time to, Build a Box. We are here to make your buying experience effortless.


Our website is designed to help you design a box online that is suitable to your specific needs. You then can request an estimate and get a competitive quote and professional advise for your project AT NO CHARGE.


There are so many reasons to get a custom box for your company. From packaging to shipping, having a customized box with your company’s information can easily extend your brand recognition with customers. Here are three great reasons to get your custom box quote today!

  1. Corrugated boxes are very economical considering other forms of packaging, and are one of the most reasonable ways to package, ship and protect your product.
  2. Corrugated boxes are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.
  3. The ability to have branding on your boxes is huge: having your company logo and information printed will extend your marketing reach.

Ready to build your box today?


When you are shopping for a new pair of running shoes and you see the shoebox with the “swoosh” symbol on it, you will probably recognize the brand as Nike. When you are shopping for a new mobile phone and on the box is a picture of an apple with a little bite taken out, you will more than likely know you are looking at an Apple product.

Brand recognition is a huge part of marketing and you can start with custom boxes. With Build a Box Online you can design custom boxes that promote your business. Having your company logo and information printed on one of the custom boxes extends your marketing reach. In addition to promoting your business, these boxes are economical and eco-friendly! The corrugated box is one of the most inexpensive ways to ship your products and they are 100% recyclable.

Building custom boxes online is very simple when you do it through Build a Box Online. Click the button below and get started now!

DID YOU KNOW: Measuring a box

Did you know: The quickest way to measure a box is by looking at the opening of the box and measuring the longest panel first? Using a tape measure, place it in the bottom of the box (approximately one inch from the back wall) and measure from left to right. Repeat the process on the shorter panel. Do measure the depth, fold a side flap inward (until it is perpendicular to its vertical side wall) place the tape measure at the end of the flap and extend it downward until it rests on the inner flap at the bottom of the box.

Did you know: that box sizes are measured using the inner dimensions unless otherwise specified? The size of what needs to be contained determines the inner box dimensions. Those dimensions are usually listed in the following sequence: Length (L) x Width (W) x Depth (D). Box dimensions are based on the opening of an assembled box. Looking at the opening, the longer of the two sides is considered the “length.” The shorter of the two sides is the “width.” The side perpendicular to the  Wlength and width is the “depth” of the box. While this is true for most boxes, there are some exceptions (bookfolds, bin boxes, and divider bins) where the “width” precedes “length” and “depth” in the measurement sequence. Want to start building your own boxes online? Click the button below to do so.

Did you know: Industry Standards

Did you know: it’s easy to tell if a box meets industry standards, just look for the Manufacturer’s Certification Stamp. This stamp can usually be found on the bottom flap of a box, and it identifies the material as being “singlewall,” “doublewall” or “triplewall.” The Certification Stamp also specifies if the material has passed the Mullen Bursting Test or the Edge Crush Test.

The Mullen Test measures the bursting strength of the corrugated linerboard, while the Edge Crush Test measures linerboard stacking strength. Boxes that have passed either of these tests are comparable in stacking strength, however Mullen Test boxes are better for the protection of heavier contents, while Edge Crush Test boxes provide a lightweight carton with good stacking characteristics. Don’t know which to use? When in doubt, always select the Mullen Test box.