Build a Box - Custom Boxes | Client Spotlight: Metalbird USA

Client Spotlight: Metalbird USA

Metalbird USA is a New Zealand-based art installation project. Starting in 2009 as a guerrilla street project, founder and designer Phil Walters began by hammering life-sized metal stencils of birds in public spaces like on fences and power poles in parks, before discovering that people enjoyed them so much as art installations that he began producing them full-time. As part of its aspiration to become “the largest art installation project in the world,” Metalbird needed a packaging solution that would safely and dependably transport its products while also showcasing the brand’s unique aesthetic and values.

Given that Metalbird’s products are made from hard steel, transportation safety was a key concern. A flimsy box might get damaged by the metal bird’s beak or the branch it is perched on, letting it puncture the box and impact other containers during shipping. The bird itself could also be damaged in transit, leaving customers unhappy. Additionally, a normal-sized shipping box could cause the stencil to move and shake inside of it, potentially bending and warping it. Fortunately, Build A Box’s custom literature boxes are ideal for shipping Metalbird’s art. While normally used to store books, forms, and other paper-based products, their thin depth makes them ideal for transporting metal stencils and preventing them from moving and rattling around inside the box. Because our boxes are fully customizable in terms of their dimensions, we are able to handle shipping the full range of Metalbird’s stencils, from a pair of robins to an alert bald eagle. With side flaps to prevent dust from smearing the art and an outside front tuck that provides extra security and strength to the packaging, our boxes enable Metalbird to ship its products across the United States with confidence.

Build a Box - Custom Boxes | Client Spotlight: Metalbird USA

Of course, aesthetics and style are equally important considerations for product safety when it comes to box design. Once Metalbird settled on the right type of box, we set about integrating Metalbird’s graphics and logo into the box’s design. The company’s name and logo of a perched cardinal boldly occupy the front of the box. A major part of Metalbird’s expansion into the North American market was its focus on USA manufacturing and materials sourced from local suppliers, so we integrated “Proudly made in North America” on the top. When customers receive their purchase, they know exactly who their money is going to support. 

If you’re an e-commerce brand or product subscription service in Orange County that could benefit from our custom boxes, take a look at Metalbird’s design. A resilient literature box will not only keep your products safe, but it also gives you plenty of room for branding and graphics so you can make sure that the unboxing is just as unforgettable as the product itself. If you’d like to talk to our design experts about creating custom packaging for your business, call us at (888) 406-1610. You can also use our free online box design tool to configure your box and receive a free quote for a range of quantities.