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How to Utilize Custom POP Displays to Introduce New Products

As a small business, transitioning your product sales from an e-commerce store to a brick-and-mortar retail is exhilarating, yet it poses a unique challenge. How do you make your endcap display stand out amongst hundreds, if not thousands of other product displays? Whether you’re introducing your products into stores in Irvine, Anaheim, Santa Fe Springs, or anywhere else, there are a few key tips you should follow in order to utilize custom POS displays to their fullest potential. 

Do: Prioritize Strong Branding

The main goal of a custom POP display is to introduce your product to new customers, and this includes spreading brand awareness. By familiarizing shoppers with your brand through eye-catching corrugated POP displays, you drastically increase the likelihood of securing repeat sales, since familiarity with a brand is a major motivating factor in purchasing decisions. In order to make it easier to identify your brand, prioritize strong branding in your custom corrugated display. Prominently display your logo in multiple places on the box, making it impossible to miss. By doing this, you’ll imprint your brand name into the minds of consumers so they’ll feel familiar with your brand next time they shop.

Don’t: Skimp on Graphics

Consumers value aesthetic appeal when shopping, and many people reach for products because of the pretty packaging, especially if it’s a product they’re unfamiliar with. It may add more expense to incorporate full-color graphics into your custom corrugated display, but it’s a necessary investment in order to maximize sales. Choose your brand’s signature color scheme or match the display colors to the product packaging in order to create a recognizable and cohesive endcap display.

Do: Stick to Your Budget

Although there are aspects of your custom POS display that you should be sure to invest in, you don’t want to blow your budget and eliminate your chance of a full return on investment. Make sure that the value of your corrugated POP display is in line with the retail value of your product. Calculate the estimated cost of your POP display against your estimated return on investment, and spend the biggest chunk of your budget on the areas that will maximize sales return, such as branding and graphics.

Don’t: Display Too Much Product

It can be tempting to fill your endcap display with as many products as possible in order to maximize the cost-effectiveness of it. However, you also want to show the retailer (and other shoppers) that your products move out off the shelf. Overstuffing your custom display can mean that dozens of items are left on the shelf at the end of the day, giving the impression that your items aren’t popular. Placing a limited number of products on the display can help them sell out faster, giving the impression that your brand is in-demand and will reliably sell out with more stock.

If you need guidance navigating the dos and don’ts of custom POP displays, Build A Box has an expert team of designers that can assist you. From size and shape to graphics and inserts, we’ll help you with every step of the custom POS display creation process so you can ensure that your endcap display is exactly what your business needs to succeed. Give us a call today at (888) 406-1610 to find out more about our services, or use our online design tool to easily create the retail display you’ve always envisioned.