Build a Box - Custom Boxes | Make Your Desserts More Delicious with Custom Bakery Boxes

Make Your Desserts More Delicious with Custom Bakery Boxes

Many of our clients often think that custom wholesale boxes are limited to custom shipping boxes. Retail stores and food establishments may not consider that personalized wholesale boxes could benefit them, but customers appreciate a personalized, professional touch across every industry. If you own a bakery, restaurant, or other local eatery, creating custom wholesale boxes online is an easy and affordable way to impress all of your customers and keep them coming back for more.

Impress Customers

The biggest reason that clients come to us for custom shipping boxes and other wholesale packaging is because the professionalism of a custom branded box is guaranteed to impress customers and help you stand out in your industry. It’s common for bakeries to pack their goods in plain white or pink boxes with no distinguishing features. However, if you design branded wholesale boxes online, you can ensure that guests remember your business when it comes time to place their next order. You can even elevate your wholesale boxes further by incorporating features such as a plastic window to allow viewing of the baked goods inside. Giving your customers the “wow” factor from start to finish will enhance their overall experience and give you the edge over other bakeries in your area.

Spread the Word

Another major reason that clients love Build A Box for wholesale boxes is because customizable packaging is a cost-effective advertising opportunity. Placing your company name and logo on your box will help spread brand awareness. When your customers’ party guests, neighbors, or even strangers on the street see your beautiful baked goods, they’ll know exactly who made them thanks to the branded boxes. Not only does investing in custom shipping boxes wholesale secure loyalty from existing customers, but it will also help you earn a larger following and spread brand awareness.


Build a Box - Custom Boxes | Make Your Desserts More Delicious with Custom Bakery Boxes

Maintain Good Hygiene

If you own a bakery, then you know that clients love to lean over the display case and “ooh” and “ahh” at the beautiful creations. However, this can sometimes be less than hygienic, especially in the current climate. Rather than leaving your cakes or cookies exposed to the open air, investing in wholesale boxes with a die cut window on top will allow visitors to view the offerings on display without the risk of contamination. You can even customize the shape of the window to further tailor your custom packaging to your business. When clients see your boxes, they’ll know right away that those delicious treats came from your bakery.

Build A Box is more than just custom shipping boxes. With custom die cut tray boxes perfect for bakeries, you can display all of your best work beautifully while spreading brand awareness and keeping your products safe. If you’re looking for custom bakery boxes or custom shipping boxes wholesale, there’s no one better than Build A Box. We make it easy to design your perfect wholesale boxes with our free online configuration tool. If you need any design assistance or have any questions about our service, give us a call at (888) 406-1610. Our design experts are always happy to help.