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The Difference Between POP and POS Displays

Walk into any retail store and you’ll likely see POP and POS displays filled with the store’s products. For anyone with a foot in the retail world, the concepts of POP and POS displays are familiar terms that are discussed in various marketing and sales conversations. For any retailer serious about success, both items are absolutely necessary to have because of their ability to draw consumers in with their visual form of communication. But what do these terms mean exactly and what are the distinctions between the two? 

POP Displays

What separates POP and POS displays are function and location. Point of Purchase or, POP, displays are typically used for special promotions or time-sensitive product sales. POP displays will often be found near the area of the item that is being promoted. This display is meant to have a larger number of items filling it. It’s common for POP displays to consist of the same product that is simply branded and packaged in different ways. An example of this is candy with all of its various brands. Build A Box offers a range of POP display options that will satisfy any need that you have. 

Build a Box - Custom Boxes | The Difference Between POP and POS Displays


POS Displays

Point of Sale or, POS, displays are to be used for smaller and single-packaged products. POS displays will be found at or near checkout counters or places where purchases can be made. Items on POS displays are usually going to be the last ones bought by the customer because of its location. Customers will have mostly completed their shopping and will add on an item from a POS display as a quick last-minute decision. Our lineup of POS display options are sure to match your ambitions for your next project.

For true sustainable success, retailers need to use both POP and POS displays. Both types of displays with their visual messaging have their strengths that complement one another well. If you’re looking to maximize your retail game’s potential, call Build A Box at (888) 406-1610 or visit our Build page to use our free online configuration tool. Whatever your business’s POP or POS display needs are, Build A Box has a range of customizable options for counter, power wing, pallet, and endcap displays ready for your use. At Build A Box, we’re so intent on making your dreams a reality that we’ll provide you with a free estimate for your next project.