Build a Box - Custom Boxes | The Versatility of Custom Tray Boxes for Your Business

The Versatility of Custom Tray Boxes for Your Business

Here at Build A Box, one of our most popular custom box types is the tray box. This is largely due to its wide versatility and ability to be used across virtually all industries, even those that don’t need to ship products. From traditional offices to product suppliers and even bakeries, tray boxes serve the needs of every business seeking a customized packaging solution. Choose from open-face tray boxes, a tray with a sleeve, or combine two tray boxes to create a tray box with lid. With custom wholesale tray boxes from Build A Box, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Ship Products with Custom Tray Boxes

One of the many ways that you can utilize tray boxes is as a convenient, customized shipping solution. By combining two tray boxes, you create a secure shipping solution that is perfect for sending products to consumers or retailers. The versatility of tray boxes makes them perfect for wholesale shipping since your third party retailer can reuse the shipped tray box as a retail display. Tray boxes are also valued for being both lightweight and extremely durable, protecting your product in transit without hefty shipping prices. All of our tray boxes are made with premium quality material and their folded construction provides an extra layer of protection for your items. If you want a safe and secure shipping solution that offers dual-use and bold design, consider tray boxes for your business.

Custom Tray Box Retail Display

The open design of tray boxes makes them a perfect solution for retail display purposes. You can show off your products while keeping them well organized with branded tray displays. Design your box to feature your company’s branding as well as details about the specific product, using your custom box as advertising space as well as an organizational method. Tray boxes are also convenient for retailers and cost-effective for you, as they can convert from shippable boxes to retail displays in no time at all.

Build a Box - Custom Boxes | The Versatility of Custom Tray Boxes for Your Business

Stay Organized with Tray Boxes

Even if you aren’t a retail establishment, all types of businesses can benefit from tray boxes. Office spaces can stay clean and organized by sorting paper, office supplies, and other materials into branded tray boxes for storage. Boosting the aesthetics of your office will help your employees stay organized and efficient while impressing clients. Every type of business can benefit from the versatility of custom wholesale tray boxes.

If you’re looking for a versatile and eye-catching custom packaging solution for your business, look no further than custom tray boxes. Their range of use makes them an economical solution for any company seeking multi-use custom wholesale boxes. Using our free online configuration tool, you choose your box’s custom dimensions, material strength, and full-color design. We’ll get back to you right away with a free quote for a range of quantities. If you’d like to speak to a design expert or learn more about which box type is best for your business’s needs, give us a call today at (888) 406-1610.