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The Winning Combination: Sidekick & Endcap Displays

For any retailer across Orange County, whether local or private, sales are essential to keep your business thriving. The key to this goal is to present a feature item on an endcap display that goes along with a sidekick display so consumers can gravitate to buying both products showing on the same shelf. At Build a Box, we specialize in helping local businesses create custom corrugated displays for both endcap and sidekick products so consumers can choose both products rather than one. 

With various shapes and sizes to accommodate your design options for your display, the possibilities are limitless. We help businesses in designing their own corrugated displays in a way that can help sell their product. These methods where strategic item pairings can be beneficial through your sidekick and endcap displays, eventually increasing your brand’s recognition on store shelves:

Food Merchandising 

Since grocery items offer a low markup, placing low-profit bestsellers with a high-markup companion item can be a great marketing strategy to gain profit. For example, since coffee grounds and beans are the most popular endcap products, placing other sidekick products — such as coffee filters, creamers, travel mugs, and coffee makers — can encourage customers in choosing both products than one. If your business is looking to gain profit by selling coffee accessories, designing a corrugate Point of Purchase (POP) display can help attract consumers in buying the sidekick product to go along with the endcap display showing off the main product.

Electronics Merchandising

Some of the most popular electronics in the market are already attracting high demand from consumers, but pairing them with your own product can result in greater profits. With phones being the most popular endcap items to be bought in electronic stores, presenting sidekick products like phone chargers and cases can encourage customers to purchase more products. At Build a Box, our corrugated POP displays can also point out special promotions on certain electronic products closest to the most popular item being sold right now.

Apparel Merchandising

While the online market is often the most popular way to purchase clothing, consumers are actually spending more time at physical stores so they can find the perfect deals on the type of clothing they’re looking for. The selling point lies with placing certain apparel in endcap displays with another type of clothing in a sidekick display stand so the customer can be inspired to purchase the entire outfit instead of just picking out a single piece. Build a Box offers custom sidekick and endcap product displays for all types of clothing. If you have a sidekick display of leggings next to an endcap display of tunics and sweaters, most likely both products will be sold instantly based on the customer’s interest in them.

At Build a Box, our corrugated POP displays have served local and private businesses in establishing their products throughout different retailers. Whether you have a business located close to the Irvine Spectrum, Downtown Disney in Anaheim, or anywhere in Santa Fe Springs, we help you design your perfect corrugated POP display so your brands can become successful. We also offer custom wholesale boxes if you’re looking to impress consumers and boost your brand’s value. To get started using our services, give us a call at (888) 406-1610 or use our online configuration tools to build your own custom box fit for your business.