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4 Products That Greatly Benefit From Endcap Displays

Entering the retail market can be expensive, so you want to ensure that you’re earning the highest ROI possible and boosting sales in cost-effective ways. Custom product displays are one of the leading marketing tactics for retail products, allowing businesses to stand out to consumers in an incredibly effective yet simple way.

We often hear from businesses that their products aren’t conducive to endcap displays, but the truth is that virtually every retail product can benefit from a custom POP display. Here are four product types that can reap the greatest benefits from a corrugated POP display investment.

1. Food & beverage

Food and beverage purchases are popular at supermarkets and convenience stores, but they can be low-markup items. To boost profitability and increase your ROI, design your custom POP display to feature higher-profit companion products.

For example, if you’re featuring coffee on your endcap display — one of the most popular grocery items — pairing it with travel mugs, coffee filters, or coffee cups can help boost sales and encourage impulse spending on higher-priced items.

2. Electronics

Electronics such as computers, phones, gaming consoles or smartwatches are all big-ticket items with high margins, which make them great candidates for endcap displays. You’ll see a quick return on investment, and you can customize your POP display to feature the latest promotions, games or device models.

However, endcap displays and sidekick displays are highly conducive to small accessories in the electronics market as well. Prominently displaying device accessories like phone cases, smartwatch bands, or headphones can help you boost sales even more. Batteries are also popular for custom endcap displays since virtually all electronics require them, but they’re easy to forget when shopping.

3. Apparel

Clothes are one of the biggest areas of impulse shopping for consumers, so a strategic custom product display can help increase sales of otherwise oft-neglected products.

For example, adding a custom product display that features hats and gloves next to an endcap display for coats can help remind shoppers of more winter necessities they may need. You can also add a sidekick for socks next to the shoe aisle or pair companion pieces close to one another to inspire customers to purchase an entire outfit.

4. Sporting goods

Sporting goods is one industry where purchasing accessories and companion products is a must. Customers in a sporting goods store likely need more than one item, and creating a custom POP display with accessories can help encourage impulse spending.

You can place air pumps next to basketballs and footballs, place socks on an endcap display next to cleats, or display ice packs next to coolers. Hobbyists in a sporting goods store are often eager to purchase everything they need to launch into their new pastime, so encouraging impulse purchasing of associated products can help you send sales through the roof if you utilize strategic custom endcap displays.

No matter what industry you’re in, custom endcap displays can help your company boost sales and increase brand awareness. Build A Box makes it easy with our online design tool and our team of custom packaging design experts, always ready to help you and work one-on-one with your business. To find out more about our endcap displays, or to receive a free quote for your custom product display, give us a call today at (888) 406-1610 or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!