Pallet Displays

Need a display that can do double duty as a shipping vehicle? Our custom pallet displays are for you!

Build a Box - Custom Boxes | Pallet Displays

Are you in search of a great, cost-effective display option that also can be utilized for shipping? Look no further than our custom pallet displays! Our custom pallet displays increase efficiency in shipping and storage, while also providing ample brandable space to truly showcase your business. If you have special promotional items or want to draw attention to a new product, pallet displays provide a great vehicle to show off these items, allowing you to convert your shoppers into buyers faster than ever. With custom pallet display boxes of any size, you can stake your claim inside of any retailer and let shoppers know exactly who you are and what you’re selling. Whatever your need, our custom options are sure to be the perfect fit. Contact us today to learn more!

Build a Box - Custom Boxes | Pallet Displays

Built to Size Specifications

Build a Box - Custom Boxes | Pallet Displays

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Build a Box - Custom Boxes | Pallet Displays

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Build a Box - Custom Boxes | Pallet Displays

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Build a Box - Custom Boxes | Pallet Displays

Eco Friendly & Recyclable

Ready to Move, Ready to Sell

If you have a product to sell in a variety of styles, look no further than custom pallet displays from Build A Box to make your brand stand out. Custom pallet displays are the ideal solution for products sold in large groups, such as electronics and arts & crafts. No other display can give you a full 360-degree view in your retail space like our custom pallet displays can, making them the most optimized display for your product line.

  • Fully customizable, ranging from simple designs to complex and detailed color patterns
  • Made with reliable corrugated cardboard materials, ensuring stability and extended usage
  • The most durable display solution for club and big box stores

Whether you want to display your products at the store’s entrance or present an impulse buying opportunity at the end of the aisle, custom pallet displays from Build A Box can get the job done. From consultation to implementation to execution, our team will work with you to design a custom pallet display that will wow your customers and ensure loyalty and customer advocacy.

Get started with your custom packaging or display.

Build A Box works diligently to bring your imagination to life through beautifully designed custom boxes. If you’re ready to get started designing your custom box, one of our expert designers will work alongside you through the entire process to help you create the perfect custom box for your business’s needs. If you already have a design in mind, our free online configuration tool allows you to submit your custom creation and receive a free quote with no hassle.