Power Wing Displays

Looking to grab your customer’s attention? Give our custom power wing displays a try!

Is your business looking for a convenient and eye-catching way to better showcase your products? Our custom power wing displays are your best solution! Custom power wing displays allow for a versatile way of displaying smaller impulse purchase products, while keeping these items at eye level to gather the attention of your customer. These displays can be placed throughout your retail location, on shevling displays and near endcaps, ensuring that you are able to utilize these displays in a way that works best for your business. As always, we offer endless options to customize your power wing display to your needs, give us a call today to get started!

Built to Size Specifications

No Minimum Quantity

High Quality Digital Printing

We’re Here to Help

Eco Friendly & Recyclable

Make Your Brand Grow

Also known as sidekick displays, power wing displays are the perfect complement to your existing endcap displays. Add a custom power wing display to your current POP displays to accentuate your products and add a layer of depth that will surely catch your customers’ attention. Highlight new products and drive more customer interest with a fully customizable power wing display!

  • Perfect solution for limited retail space
  • Just as effective as metal shelves in attracting customer interest
  • Use high-resolution graphics and detailed designs to make your display stand out

Use our custom power wing displays to gauge the success of your products. Its versatility allows for quick placement throughout a store’s space, allowing you to find a spot that will generate the most foot traffic without sacrificing retail space. At Build A Box, we can help you create the perfect custom power wing display that will make your products pop and drive sales!

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