Custom Orders

Have a special project? Let us help!

Large companies and small, we help them all! Have a prototype custom box or display that you’re struggling with the right design? Need assistance with developing a stunning design for your business or a client? We can take care of any need, as our team is dedicated to providing fantastic results with no minimum.  We understand that some projects require a higher level of customization, from a concept box to a sample endcap display; our in-house designers can bring your vision to life.

Four Easy Steps to Creating Your Custom Box Design

With Build A Box, achieving your custom box design has never been more effortless. Follow these four simple steps, and you’ll have your custom retail or custom shipping box in no time!

  • Measurements: Measuring your product will allow you to gather the proper dimensions for your custom box or display order. We have a handy guide to help you determine your product’s length, width, height and diameter.
  • Choosing a Box: With our vast selection of custom dies, it is easy to select the right box or display for your needs. After finding your product dimensions, choose the die that best fits your product and your shipping needs.
  • Get Your Quote: Once you’ve found your product’s dimensions and have the correct box or display, it is now time to get a quote for your project. Your quote will be based on quantities, designs, and sizes; a representative will walk you through the process to make sure you’re involved in every step of the process!
  • Put Your Order Through: Your custom project representative will place your order once your artwork has been finalized, and you’ve agreed to the quote provided. 

As always, all our custom orders come with no minimum quantity. Whether one box or 10,000, we will create your custom order to perfection and ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Give us a call today or fill out the form below to get started!

Get started with your custom packaging or display.

Build A Box works diligently to bring your imagination to life through beautifully designed custom boxes. If you’re ready to get started designing your custom box, one of our expert designers will work alongside you through the entire process to help you create the perfect custom box for your business’s needs. If you already have a design in mind, our free online configuration tool allows you to submit your custom creation and receive a free quote with no hassle.