Build a Box - Custom Boxes | 4 Reasons Cardboard Countertop Displays Are Perfect for Convenience Stores

4 Reasons Cardboard Countertop Displays Are Perfect for Convenience Stores

If your products are sold in local convenience stores, then purchasing them should be convenient. Studies show that over 87 percent of U.S. consumers make impulse purchases, and impulse buys make up anywhere from 40 to 80 percent of all purchases. 

If you want to encourage greater sales of your product in convenience stores and other retail locations, then your cardboard display stands are a crucial element of your marketing strategy. From size and shape to location, there are many reasons why a custom cardboard countertop display is the top choice for convenience store sales.

1. They Create Brand Familiarity

Being able to completely customize your corrugated cardboard display stand with your brand name, logo and imagery will help familiarize customers with your brand or product even if they’re rushing out the door.

Having a display stand right at the point of purchase that advertises who you are and what you look like will allow consumers to absorb your branding and recall it later, or come back to it the next time they visit the store. Create an experience that encourages your branding to settle in the minds of passing consumers with custom cardboard countertop displays.

2. They’re Versatile

The endless versatility of custom POP display stands makes them perfect for every product type, from gum to makeup to energy drinks. Whether you have an elegant luxury product or something bright and fun for kids, a custom countertop display can be built to suit your company’s desired brand image.

Cardboard display stands can be created to any specifications, from size and shape to product layout. No matter what product category you specialize in, you can create a versatile custom countertop display that meets your needs and best showcases your product.

3. They’re Perfect for Small Retail Stores

Whether your products sell in massive national convenience store chains or tiny corner bodegas, cardboard countertop displays can be made in small sizes suitable for any retail space. Less is more, and you can make your displays as big or as small as needed for the unique retail space your stand is occupying.

4. They’re Convenient

The most important factor when selling in convenience stores is, of course, convenience. Since countertop cardboard display stands are neat and compact, requiring minimal retail space, you can position your products in more valuable parts of the store, such as right next to the checkout. A custom POP display next to the register is invaluable for encouraging impulse buys, increasing sales, and otherwise being easily accessible for shoppers.

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