Custom Wholesale Boxes in Irvine Business Complex, Irvine, CA

Are you an Irvine Business Complex company that wants to cut down on shipping costs, spend less on void fill, receive fewer exchanges or returns and generally improve customer satisfaction? If so, custom packaging from Build A Box is the solution you’ve been looking for. Build A Box allows you to cover your custom retail and shipping boxes with full-color graphics on both the outside and inside of the box; this means you can take advantage of the space and implement your best marketing techniques to help your company be more memorable to consumers. Our custom dimensions, as well as our custom insert trays, also better protect your items in transit, reducing the number of returns and customer complaints received due to a damaged item. Best of all, there’s no minimum order quantity, so Irvine Business Complex companies of any size can use our free online configuration tool to easily design a custom box that represents who your company is and what you do best. To find out more, give Build A Box a call at (888) 406-1610 today and get started.