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Stock Packaging vs Custom Packaging

You’ve spent months, or even years, creating your product, pouring time and energy into its development until it’s absolutely perfect. Now that it’s a reality, it’s time to get it into the hands of consumers. This is the step that many business owners often overlook — shipping boxes. While you may be tempted to throw it into stock packaging and call it a day, custom packaging can provide long-lasting benefits for your company. But is it worth the additional investment? Today, we’ll break down the difference between stock packaging and custom packaging, so you can decide which packaging solution is best for your business.

What is Stock Packaging?

Stock packaging is pre-made, readily available packaging that is made in a predetermined set of standard dimensions. Stock packaging often has no branding or other forms of personalization, which allows it to be produced in bulk at a very low cost. 

Some businesses choose stock packaging because it’s quick to access, so emergency orders can be sent out very rapidly. It’s also the most economical choice, so those struggling to stay within their budget may benefit from unbranded stock packaging. 

The lack of personalization, however, often makes stock packaging a less desirable choice. It can feel cheap and non-personal, alienating customers more than deluxe custom packaging would. In a Dotcom Distribution study, 40% of online shoppers said they would be more likely to purchase from a retailer again if the retailer used premium packaging. Because of this, most e-commerce retailers opt for custom packaging that will reflect their brand’s identity and impress customers.

What is Custom Packaging?

Custom packaging is a packaging solution that is designed from scratch for your company’s unique needs. From the box’s dimensions and thickness to its logos and branding, every aspect of custom packaging boxes revolves around your product and how you want to market yourself. 

With custom packaging, you can create a box with the exact dimensions needed to fit your product, so it’s secure during shipping. You can even commission custom inserts with cut-outs that will allow your product to fit snugly inside. 

Custom packaging also allows you to incorporate fully custom graphics, whether it’s a single prominent logo or double-sided, full-color designs. Not only it will spread brand awareness in transit, but it will also impress customers and secure repeat sales and long-term customer loyalty. According to the same Dotcom Distribution study, 50% of shoppers said gift-like or branded packaging makes them more likely to recommend a brand to others, while 60% said it gets them excited about what they ordered. When you choose custom shipping boxes, you’re investing in more than just packaging; you’re investing in your company’s long-term success and customer satisfaction.

If you want to take advantage of all the benefits custom packaging has to offer, Build A Box has everything you need. We make it easy to design your perfect packaging solution, using only the finest materials in the industry. Simply use our online design tool to build custom cardboard boxes that are tailor-made for your product. Our design experts are also available to help guide you in creating an optimized packaging solution for your company. To find out more about our services or to get started with your custom cardboard boxes, give us a call today at (888) 406-1610.