We have designed an easy-to-use solution to build or create any custom boxes to your specific specifications. Once you have customized the box you desire, request a free estimate and within 24-48 hours you can compare prices from up to 5 qualified packaging vendors in your area. What separates us from others is two key elements: we try to make your buying experience effortless, and our online box builder is easy to use to create a box from start to finish. If you’re not sure exactly what you need…Don’t worry.  We will have a professional contact you prior to any purchase to discuss the details.

In addition to building your custom corrugated boxes and having the ability to choose from customer-rated vendors, you are able promote your business by adding a company logo and any additional information to add to your brand image.

Build a Box strives to bring together vendors and their consumers. Instead of having people scour the internet for hours and cold call looking for personalized boxes online, we offer a FREE no obligation service connecting those in need of corrugated boxes online with a vast network of Packing Distributors. It is our goal to help you to get the most competitive box prices possible, by providing you with multiple quotes from local packaging vendors.

Custom boxes are the economical and eco friendly way to ship. It also furthers your business branding as it is a great way to promote your business by printing a company logo and information on the box. Essentially extending marketing reach. With all of this in mind it is time to, Build a Box. We are here to make your buying experience effortless. Whether it be boxes Los Angeles, boxes Orange County, or even boxes San Diego we are bridging the lines between consumers and packing distributors.

Our website is designed to help you design a box online that is suitable to your specific needs. You then can request an estimate and compare prices from up to 5 of your local and qualified packaging vendors within 24-48 hours.