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Why Are Short-Run Displays So Important in a Digital Marketplace?

In today’s digital world, it’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd when it comes to marketing. Short-run displays are an effective and cost-efficient way to do just that. 

Although e-commerce increases in popularity each year, brick-and-mortar shopping still accounts for 82.7 percent of all retail shopping in the United States. By utilizing short-run cardboard display stands, you can draw in those customers and elevate your brand value — all while increasing your profit.

What Are Short-Run Displays?

Short-run displays, or temporary displays, are retail display stands designed for a limited time and then thrown away or recycled. Since they have a limited lifespan, they are highly versatile in their design options and can be easily customized for seasonal promotions, new product releases, and other limited supply runs.

Made of recyclable corrugated cardboard, retail endcap displays are an effective and affordable way to highlight your products and draw in new customers from around the store. Popular with small businesses selling in brick-and-mortar stores, display prototypes are important in an increasingly digital marketplace.

Cardboard Display Stands Draw In Customer Interest

Brick-and-mortar retail can often be just as competitive as e-commerce, with brands vying for the most prominent spot to grab consumers’ attention. Shelves are packed full of colorful products screaming for the customer’s attention, making it difficult for your products to stand out.

A custom POS endcap display is the perfect solution for this, taking your products off the shelves and placing them in a more ideal location with prominent company branding. By featuring eye-catching visuals and strategically placed products, your display sample can draw in customers who may not have otherwise been looking for your product. 

Custom Corrugated Displays Elevate Your Brand Image

Custom packaging improves brand perception, causing both new and existing customers to think that your brand value is higher than it may actually be. By customizing your retail display prototype with logos, product information and other branding, you can give the impression of a high-value company while remaining within your budget, whatever size that budget may be.

Closely associating your product with your brand imagery will also help your brand become more recognizable to customers. Brand familiarity is a valuable tool, so investing in a cost-effective display sample with custom logos is virtually guaranteed to help boost your in-store sales.

Custom POS Displays Provide a High Return on Investment

Selling in brick-and-mortar stores tends to have a much higher cost than e-commerce direct-to-consumer sales, so reducing your expenses as much as possible is imperative to turning a profit in retail. That’s why so many small businesses are turning to short-run displays for their in-store marketing strategy.

Since short-run display samples are only used for a limited time and tend to have no minimum order quantity, the cost of creating them is usually much lower than other forms of advertising. As a result, the ROI tends to be much higher than other advertising strategies, making them a cost-effective marketing choice for businesses of all sizes. Customers are always more likely to purchase products that are visible and prominently featured, so being able to afford a custom corrugated display is crucial for a company trying to survive brick-and-mortar in a digital world.

If you want to stand out in the brick-and-mortar retail space, Build A Box can help you create the perfect POS display sample for your brand. We make it easy with our online design tool and our team of end cap display design experts, always ready to help you and work one-on-one with your business. To find out more about our custom cardboard display stands, or to receive a free quote for a custom display prototype, give us a call today at (888) 406-1610 or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!