Build a Box - Custom Boxes | Why Is Corrugated Cardboard the Best Choice for Your Custom POP Display?

Why Is Corrugated Cardboard the Best Choice for Your Custom POP Display?

When investing in custom POP displays, you want something that will increase your brand value and boost sales without breaking the bank. That’s why so many small businesses choose corrugated cardboard for their POS display stands.

Corrugated cardboard is a simple material, but it’s this simplicity that makes it the perfect canvas for customization. Whether you want a simple and elegant POP display or a bold and colorful endcap display stand, corrugated cardboard can give you the visual appeal, versatility, and cost-effectiveness you’re seeking in a custom POP display.

It’s affordable

Corrugated cardboard display stands are a cost-effective marketing tool that increases your ROI while remaining more affordable than other comparable retail displays. Displays that use plastic, metal and other materials are more expensive to manufacture and ship, quickly escalating your costs and breaking your budget.

While cardboard isn’t as long-lasting as other materials, this allows them to be more versatile. By spending less on the displays, you can change them out seasonally to advertise new products, promotions and seasons, increasing perceived brand value and allowing you to reposition your displays around the store periodically.

It can be quickly manufactured

If you have a quick turnaround time or are running late on your project, corrugated cardboard displays are the ideal solution. Since corrugated cardboard is one of the easiest materials to mold, cut and structure, it can be manufactured quickly and easily compared to other materials.

This quick turnaround time makes corrugated cardboard perfect for temporary, seasonal displays. If you have a last-minute Christmas sale, don’t worry; corrugated cardboard displays can be manufactured before the holiday shopping season has passed.

Customers prefer it

Although you may think that customers prefer more luxurious materials, when it comes to POP display stands, corrugated cardboard is one of the most appealing design choices. 

Other materials can be more difficult to transform, making them look less inviting overall. Corrugated cardboard, by contrast, has the printing capabilities for bright and crisp imagery, inviting shoppers in and catching their eye more than metal, plastic or other, more expensive materials.

It’s endlessly customizable

Corrugated cardboard display stands are endlessly customizable, making them a favorite of wholesalers and retailers of all sizes. They can be big or small, endcaps or POS displays, black and white, or full color. With virtually unlimited design possibilities, corrugated display stands bring your brand’s vision to life without sacrificing anything. 

Since cardboard is a porous material, it’s a great canvas for a wide variety of ink and printing types. You can print text, graphics, mascots, logos, slogans, product instructions, seasonal sales and much more. Choose from various shapes, sizes, functionalities, and full-color graphics for a custom POP display that’s unique to you and your company. You can even create different cardboard displays for different retailers, events, promotions, or seasons.

If you want the highest-quality corrugated cardboard display stands for your business, Build A Box can help you create the perfect custom product display. We make it easy with our online design tool, and our team of POS display design experts is always ready to help you and work one-on-one with your business. To find out more about our custom POP display stands, or to receive a free quote for your cardboard display, give us a call today at (888) 406-1610 or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to working with you!