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4 Reasons Cardboard Countertop Displays Are Perfect for Convenience Stores

If your products are sold in local convenience stores, then purchasing them should be convenient. Studies show that over 87 percent of U.S. consumers make impulse purchases, and impulse buys make up anywhere from 40 to 80 percent of all purchases.  If you want to encourage greater sales of your product in convenience stores and […]

How Do Custom Mailer Boxes Make Your Brand Stand Out?

Custom packaging design has become a valuable tool not only for safely shipping products but also for marketing your small business. Custom boxes wholesale can be designed effectively to increase brand awareness and perceived brand value.  One of the best box types for creating a luxury unboxing experience and increasing your brand value is mailer […]

4 Questions to Ask When Designing Your Custom POP Display

You’ve decided that you want to invest in a custom cardboard display for your brick-and-mortar sales strategy. So, now what? It can be daunting to begin a custom design process, with virtually endless possibilities at your fingertips and no experience to help rein in your ideas.  Luckily, thorough preparation before creating your display can help […]

Why Are Custom Cardboard Boxes Best for Business?

Shipper boxes and mailer boxes made of corrugated cardboard are the most popular packaging choice for small businesses since they’re durable while remaining cost-effective. However, most customers have a front porch littered with generic brown boxes, so companies need to go the extra mile to stand out from the crowd and impress customers. That’s where […]

How to Optimize Your Corrugated POP Display Design to Drive Sales

The power of visual impact cannot be overstated. In a brick-and-mortar retail setting, where your item is placed, how it’s showcased, and what products are near it are all influencing factors on whether or not you make a sale.  Because of this, you need to optimize your custom POP display to best showcase your products […]

How Can Your Small Business Benefit from Short-Run Custom Boxes?

Small business owners are often stuck between a rock and a hard place. You know what you need to do to help your business succeed, but it’s not always financially or logistically feasible.  Custom packaging boxes are one of those common issues — custom boxes help increase customer satisfaction and boost sales, but they’re often […]

How Can Custom POP Displays Improve Upselling and Cross-Selling?

Have you ever been encouraged to buy a larger phone with more storage when browsing for a new device? Have you ever been asked whether you want to buy a protective case to go with your new phone? These are common examples of upselling and cross-selling, respectively. Upselling and cross-selling likely happen to you every […]

Three Tips for Creating a Cost-Effective Custom Box Design

It’s no secret that customers prefer a luxury shopping experience from start to finish — including the product unboxing. With the prevalence of social media and viral packaging, businesses are realizing the importance of custom shipping boxes in both earning new shoppers and securing repeat customers. However, this investment in what’s perceived as a luxury […]

The Top Four Spots to Place Your Custom Endcap Displays

When it comes to creating an effective endcap display for your products, it’s all about location. Although your custom POP display needs to have a striking and engaging design to draw in customers, it also needs to be placed strategically so as many customers as possible will see your custom display. If your corrugated cardboard […]

The Best Box Design Trends of 2021

Product packaging and box design have become more important than ever before with the sharp rise in e-commerce consumerism in 2021. Despite loosening pandemic restrictions, consumers are still turning to online shopping in record numbers, making it even more difficult for small businesses to stand out and earn a loyal following. However, those who successfully […]