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The Difference Between POP and POS Displays

Walk into any retail store and you’ll likely see POP and POS displays filled with the store’s products. For anyone with a foot in the retail world, the concepts of POP and POS displays are familiar terms that are discussed in various marketing and sales conversations. For any retailer serious about success, both items are […]

Corrugated Displays vs Permanent Displays

When entering a retailer, you’ll likely see either corrugated or permanent displays holding the store’s products. For retailers, choosing between the two displays can be a tough decision. Both types of displays are unique from one another serving different purposes while also speaking to the approach that you want to take for your retailer. However, […]

Key Factors That Influence In-Store Purchasing

Since the dawn of retail, companies have tried to understand the psychology behind shopping and why shoppers make the purchasing decisions that they do. While there’s no single answer for everyone, there are a few key factors that play into most customers’ purchasing habits. By utilizing these factors, you can better market your products and […]

Benefits of Custom Retail Display Boxes

Custom shipping boxes are a great option for e-commerce businesses looking to impress customers when the product arrives at their front door. But what if your business operates in retail stores? If you have a product for sale in brick-and-mortar stores, custom corrugated displays are an effective way to boost your business and increase sales […]

Client Spotlight: Feelz CBD Seltzer

Build A Box recently partnered with another Southern California-based company, Feelz, to create unique and eye-catching custom retail boxes for their store displays. Seeking a packaging design that was as modern and colorful as their brand, Feelz knew that Build A Box had the tools to create corrugated boxes that exceeded their expectations. By investing […]

Make Your Desserts More Delicious with Custom Bakery Boxes

Many of our clients often think that custom wholesale boxes are limited to custom shipping boxes. Retail stores and food establishments may not consider that personalized wholesale boxes could benefit them, but customers appreciate a personalized, professional touch across every industry. If you own a bakery, restaurant, or other local eatery, creating custom wholesale boxes […]

4 Things All Quality Custom Boxes Have in Common

If you’re planning to create an online box design for your company’s custom packaging, you may not know where to begin. With endless possibilities, it can be difficult to determine what the best path is for you to maximize success and return on investment. While every business’s design needs are unique, here are four things […]

How to Create a Custom Product Box Online

With e-commerce rising in unprecedented numbers, it’s important to stand out in the marketplace. The average homeowner is now coming home to a flood of brown boxes on their doorstep, so offering a custom product box can help set you apart and establish a strong brand identity. If you want to create a product box […]

3 Tips to Create the Perfect Custom Packaging

Okay, so you know that you need custom packaging to elevate your business and increase brand value. But how do you go about creating that perfect box design? It can be hard to know exactly what to consider in a box design if this is your first time creating a product box online, but with […]