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Benefits of Custom Inserts for Product Boxes

Impressing your customers is a crucial aspect of any business, whether you’re selling products in-store or online. Custom boxes are one way to catch the customer’s eye, but the special touches shouldn’t stop at the outside of the box. Custom inserts will take your packaging to the next level by better protecting the item in transit while also creating an elevated unboxing experience for the customer. If you’re looking for ways to elevate your custom retail boxes or custom shipping boxes, consider these benefits of custom inserts from Build A Box.

Product Education

Custom inserts give you more space to work with when it comes to custom designs, giving you the option to include text. This means that there’s plenty of space to write out instructions, ingredients, or other product details that could be valuable to the customer. Enabling your customers for greater successes when using the product that will not only leave them appreciative but also will likely result in more favorable reviews online. 

Promotions & Discounts

The extra real estate that custom inserts provide is also a valuable marketing opportunity. Inserts can be used to offer special discounts, cross-promote other products in your range, and introduce newly-released or upcoming products. Whatever you have to tell your consumers, do it in a way that they’re guaranteed to see it with custom inserts for your custom shipping boxes.

Customer Connection

Consumers love custom boxes because they make the buyer feel special. That feeling of exclusivity or of being special in some way unfailingly excites and entices customers, so incorporating personal touches into your custom inserts can go a long way toward securing a lifelong repeat customer. These touches can include thank you notes or a list of brand values. Anything that communicates trust, authenticity, and care to the customer will be highly valued and can help guarantee repeat purchases.

Environmental Benefits

If you want to be eco-friendly and eliminate your company’s use of void fill, Build A Box’s custom inserts are the perfect addition to your custom shipping boxes. Both our custom boxes and packaging inserts are 100% recyclable so you can eliminate your use of harmful plastic void fill and styrofoam packing peanuts while enhancing your customer unboxing experience. Custom inserts will also hold your product more securely during the shipping process, reducing the chance of damaged products compared to traditional shipping box void fill.

Product Feedback

Custom inserts are an excellent opportunity to encourage product feedback from your customers and increase your online reviews and overall presence. Print your inserts with information about where to leave feedback, which social media handles to follow, and which hashtags to use. Including a call to action like this will help you build up a more positive reputation online, leading to more customers and returning customers.


If you’re ready to create a product box online for your unique product, Build A Box can help. We make it easy to turn your packaging dreams into a reality with our online design tool and friendly team of custom box design experts. If you send us a prototype of your product, we can use it to easily create perfectly fitted inserts for your custom shipping boxes and custom retail boxes. We’re your one-stop shop for custom corrugated boxes wholesale. Give Build A Box a call at (888) 406-1610 or fill out our online contact form to find out more or get started with a free quote for a range of quantities.