Build a Box - Custom Boxes | Build A Box's Client Spotlight: Raw Juicery

Build A Box’s Client Spotlight: Raw Juicery

Raw Juicery is a juicery based in Los Angeles, with a focus on conscious sourcing and sustainable practices. They have products for any need: detox and cleanse, immunity, beauty benefits, energy, recovery, and so much more. Customers have the option of buying individual bottles, curated packs, or even build their own box full of the juices they want. Raw Juicery began in 2012, and we here at Build A Box have had the pleasure of being their custom box partner for the last five years.

Ryan, the Chief Juice Officer of Raw Juicery, and the company found us online five years ago “as fate would have it,” according to Ryan. Ever since then, Raw Juicery has gotten all of his custom boxes from us. Because Raw Juicery ships to wholesale sellers as well as online e-commerce customers, they need a lot of boxes, each with a different design and size. Their wholesale boxes are standard shipping boxes with a simple logo printing, whereas their e-commerce boxes require special color printers and tremendous attention to detail. Ryan loves to refer customers to us because he believes we are “the most knowledgeable and pleasant to work with box expert(s) in the business.”

Build a Box - Custom Boxes | Build A Box's Client Spotlight: Raw Juicery

We love working with Ryan and Raw Juicery, and we were ecstatic to hear that they love working with us too! When asked why Ryan keeps coming back to work with us, he said, “I keep coming back because we have built a fantastic relationship with Build a Box. I always know I’m in good hands and that I won’t overpay for my box whether I’m reordering or coming with a totally new concept.” This is something we try to achieve with every one of our clients, whether they’ve been working with us for two months or five years. We always want our clients to feel like they’re in good hands.

Something that is very important to Raw Juicery, that we’ve been able to help them with, is creating products that are guilt-free in every way, including their packaging. With our custom boxes, we were able to provide them with 100% recyclable and insulated packaging without the styrofoam. Which helps Raw Juicery abide by their “raw ethos” code.
Ryan continued to say that Build A Box provides “a thorough understanding of our needs and goals for each box or project because each one is so different. We need someone who speaks the language of the box-industry on our behalf and finds us the absolute best solution for each and every project at the best possible cost.”

Working with Raw Juicery for the last few years has been such an honor and we are so grateful to have such an awesome recurring client like them. If you’re looking to do a juice cleanse or help boost your health, we definitely recommend Raw Juicery. Check out their website at and show them some love on their Instagram @rawjuicery.