How to Find the Perfect Designer for Your Custom Box


With every amazing custom box and packaging comes a great design, and with every great design comes a creative designer-genius. Finding the perfect designer is more than just posting a job listing online because ideally, you’d want to find a designer that can enhance your brand and its personality. Here’s how to find the perfect artist to design a custom box for you.

First, Figure Out What You Want and Need

Before seeking out a designer, it’s best to discern what you want and need from them. Take some time to brainstorm things about your brand and how your designer can help enhance your brand and carry out your vision. Some questions you may want to think about are; “Who is your target audience/market?”, “What are the goals and purpose of the design?”, “What are your competitors doing and how can you spin it in a way to grow yourself?”, and “What’s your deadline?”

These are all critical questions that your designer will need to know to make your perfect design, and will help you narrow down the list of ideal designers. For example, if your target audience is college-aged students and young adults, a designer who is old enough to be their parents may not have the right creative aesthetics that will properly reach your target. It’d be best to find a younger designer who may also fit this category or a designer who has a lot of experience with designing for this target age group.

Second, Find Your Designer

Now that you know what you want and need from your designer, it’s time to find the best one. This part will be a little difficult because there are countless talented designers in the world. When you look for your designer, make sure you are looking for them on trusted sites and agencies, as you need to be confident and comfortable in their ability to create your vision.

Many outsourced designers can be found through design agencies such as Behance, Dribble, crowdsourcing websites, or through freelancers. Design freelancers can be found on websites like UpWork, Crew, or Fiverr. The best recommendation to narrowing down your list of potential artists is to look at their portfolios and see if it matches your brand and what you want.

Last, Get Your Custom Box

Once you’ve found your perfect designer and finalized your vision for a custom box, it’s time to bring that vision to life with someone who can help you create a product box online! Build A Box is a customized box company in Orange County that is dedicated to the success of our clientele and can help transform your design into a real box!

Our free online tool is easy to use and requires zero obligation to follow through. You can use it anywhere from Irvine to London to Tokyo and all the way around to Fullerton. Send us your design and our custom box experts will assist you to make sure your custom product box is going to be perfect. Once we get the green light from you to make the boxes, we’ll cut, print, and ship the boxes to you! Our standard production time is about 7 to 10 days, but before you know it, your customized box vision will have come to life.