Build a Box - Custom Boxes | Customized Holiday Shipper Boxes for Your Brand

Customized Holiday Shipper Boxes for Your Brand

The holidays are among us and ‘tis the season for boxes. Get your customers excited for your products by simply sending out customized shipper boxes to celebrate the season! Your customized boxes are more than just themed boxes for the holidays. They’re a way for your brand to show its personality while also showing your customers that you care about them.

Shipper boxes are the most common box type for shipping and storage because of its versatility. When it comes to shipping holiday gifts, it’s important to have a strong and sturdy box to hold the precious cargo! Customized shipper boxes are definitely the way to go. Here’s why it’s important to make your shipper box look perfect for the holidays!

Build a Box - Custom Boxes | Customized Holiday Shipper Boxes for Your Brand

Showcase Your Brand’s Personality

How does your business celebrate the holidays? There are a lot of ways you can tie in the holidays with your company’s personality. If your brand is fun and whimsical, you can try designs with elves, snowmen, or other fun characters. On the other hand, if your brand is more refined and elegant, try showcasing snowflakes, ornaments, or a wreath. The first thing your customers will notice about your product is the box that it arrives in. You want to make them feel like what’s inside their box is a gift from you to them.

Suppose your monthly subscription customers are accustomed to getting the same looking box for the first 11 months of the year. Why not surprise them with a subscription box that celebrates the holidays but still maintains your brand’s personality? The box is still relevant to what they are subscribed to while also being festive and personal.

Build a Box - Custom Boxes | Customized Holiday Shipper Boxes for Your Brand

Give the Sense of an Exclusive Limited Edition Item

In addition to showcasing your brand’s personality, the seasonal design of your box can make customers feel like it’s a limited edition or collector’s item, especially if your product is only released for a certain amount of time. The phrases “Holiday Collection,” “Limited Edition,” and “Collector’s Item” give the sense of exclusivity which draws customers in.

For example, a makeup company releases a “limited edition holiday set” featuring makeup colors that are holiday themed. Makeup lovers are going to be drawn to this set because it has the bold red, glittery gold, and frosty blue colors they needed for their upcoming parties! When they open the beautifully designed package labeled “Limited Edition,” they will feel that their purchase was justified and enjoy just that much more.   

Build a Box - Custom Boxes | Customized Holiday Shipper Boxes for Your Brand

Extra Shareable and Unboxing Worthy

When you have an impressive customized holiday shipper box, your customers are going to be excited about it and are more likely to share on social media. Every time a customer shares your product on social media or does an unboxing video on YouTube, you’re getting free publicity. Your customized holiday themed shipper boxes are bound to build enthusiasm because it’s more than just a boring brown box with tape. You put thought and intentionality into the custom shipper box design, and your clients will see that and likely repurchase later.

Have you designed your customized shipper boxes yet? Whether you want it for the holidays or the seasons after, we want to help! Start your custom box design with Build A Box by giving us a call at (888) 406-1610.