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Design Tips to Make Your Point of Purchase displays POP!

Any ambitious retailer is always searching for new avenues for growth to improve operations and sustain success. One such avenue is with point of purchase displays which blends sales and marketing together with compelling imagery. A well-executed POP display is attention-grabbing and entices customers to buy a product. It’s here where retailers and brands can espouse their identity in a visually interesting and also persuasive manner. If your retailer hasn’t explored incorporating custom POP displays into your operations, consider doing so immediately. Before you create your custom POP display with Build A Box, here are some things that you need to accomplish with your design.

Make Your POP Display Interesting

The worst thing that your custom POP display can be is uninteresting. You don’t want customers walking past your display not giving it any thought or consideration. Avoid blandness and get creative with your design. You only get one chance to make a first impression to draw in a customer, don’t waste it on being unimaginative.

Make it Emotionally Stimulating 

A necessary goal for your custom POP display is being emotionally stimulating to your customers. You want to evoke some sort of feeling from customers upon viewing the display because they’ll be more likely to buy the product being advertised. Having an emotional connection can be meaningful for a customer. 

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Make Your Display Appealing

If there is some sort of financial promotion or benefit to buying the product, then it would be sensible to include that detail within the design of the display. Such detail could entice customers to buy the product.

Consistent Branding

Your design for your corrugated counter, power wing, pallet, endcap, and retail POP displays needs to be consistent with the messaging of your branding. This typically involves visuals, colors, and themes. You don’t want to confuse your customers with mixed messaging. 

The impact that a good POP display can have for businesses is simply immeasurable. POP displays allow brands to express their identity in a visually appealing manner that can be persuasive to potential customers. If you’re a retailer looking for ways to make your products stand out, call Build A Box at (888) 406-1610 or visit our Build page to use our free online configuration tool. However, you choose to design your custom POP display Build A Box is here for you. With numerous options from counter, power wing, pallet, and endcap displays, you’ll be able to create the corrugated POP display of your dreams. At Build A Box, we want to help you take your products to the next level so we’ll provide you with a free estimate for your next project.