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Do Point of Purchase (POP) Displays Really Work?

Look anywhere inside of a successful retail store and you’ll likely find a Point of Purchase display. Point of Purchase, or POP displays play a critical role for retailers in helping entice customers to buy featured products. But why exactly are POP displays so successful and what is it about them that appeals to customers? 

Eye-catching and Alluring 

There’s no better way to make your products stand out amidst the crowd than with the use of POP displays. A well-crafted POP display places the spotlight on your product drawing the eyes and attention of potential customers. POP displays allow businesses a chance to create interesting enticing imagery and it’s these visuals that help draw people in to whatever product is being sold. 

Customer Retention Boost

The shopping experience can often be fast-paced with customers coming in and out of a store at the blink of an eye. With POP displays though, retailers are able to retain their customers for longer periods of time raising the likelihood of increased sales. Having customers remain in their store longer is beneficial for retailers whose products receive more exposure and attention as a result. 

Incentivizing and Personal 

POP displays will often feature both visual and written persuasive messaging that can resonate with customers. A good POP display can strike a personal chord with a customer giving them a reason to buy the product displayed. Creating interest and intrigue is the goal of any form of advertisement. Through clever imagery and messaging, a POP display can accomplish both and create a memorable experience for the consumer. 

Increased Sales

Perhaps the most significant benefit of POP displays is that they can increase sales for retailers. Through a combination of persuasive messaging and compelling imagery, good POP displays will entice customers to buy the advertised product. Ultimately at the end of the day, increased sales is what any retailer is striving for and POP displays help contribute to it.

POP displays can make a world of difference for businesses looking to elevate their retail game. If your business is looking to reap the benefits of POP displays, call Build A Box at (888) 406-1610 or visit our Build page to use our free online configuration tool. Build A Box offers a wide array of options from counter, power wing, pallet, and endcap displays that will allow you to create a beautiful corrugated POP display that clearly articulates your company’s brand. Build A Box appreciates that you are willing to share your vision with us so we’ll provide you with a free estimate for your next project.