Build a Box - Custom Boxes | Smaller Boxes, Smaller Costs

Smaller Boxes, Smaller Costs

When it comes to packaging in the retail and e-commerce space, many companies are wasting valuable dollars. Costs are allocated to package filler to keep the items safe during shipping and the price of dimensional weight. These companies are living in a world dictated by stuffing boxes with packing peanuts, and it’s not worth the time or money. If you want to save your company thousands of dollars each ear in shipping costs, you need to consider the benefits of customized boxes.

Customized boxes might seem purely cosmetic at first. It’s easy to think that your company might not need the extra flare. It’s the product that counts, right? Wrong! Custom boxes can offer much practicality! Beautiful packaging, even just the box, has a hugely positive impact on a customer’s experience with your brand and products. Customers feel excited when unboxing a beautifully packaged product, while you get to save vast amounts of money on the cost of shipping.

So how much money are you saving?

Build a Box - Custom Boxes | Smaller Boxes, Smaller Costs

Many significant carriers calculate pricing based on dimensional weight or “dim” weight (also known as volumetric weight). Dimensional weight ensures that shipping and freight companies are fully compensated and avoid income losses on lightweight boxes that take up a lot of space. Originally only used for air shipments, “dim” weight has now crossed over into the ground carriers such as UPS to prevent trucks from filling up short of their capacity weight.  

What this means for your e-commerce shipping is that whenever you use a box bigger than your product, you’re paying a premium price for the unused space within the box. Fees for wasted space within packages can add up to an additional $8 per package. Customized boxes are the perfect way to eliminate that extra space while also improving customer experience. On average, a custom box for a small product can save you an average of $5 per delivery.

Are you only saving money on shipping costs?

Build a Box - Custom Boxes | Smaller Boxes, Smaller Costs

Besides the dimensional weight causing additional costs, you also save money on unforeseen circumstances that might make an impact on your profits. For example, a custom box keeps items from shifting in transit and causing boxes to warp. Warped boxes create issues for delivery trucks and can incur extra fees on top of what you already paid!

You also risk damaging your goods which will cause a drop in profits. Whether your unhappy customer returns a damaged item or the item is destroyed on its way to a store, you’re going to be watching precious money disappear. When your boxes have been made specifically for your products, you ensure the customer gets their items safely and stays a customer long term.

Build a Box - Custom Boxes | Smaller Boxes, Smaller Costs

If you’re paying additional shipping fees for your products, custom-made boxes should be a consideration for your business. You can cut costs on the empty box and packing supplies while putting a little personal touch on your delivery. Here at Build A Box, we can start you on the road to a unique and practical box for any product you might be shipping. Give us a call today at (888) 406-1610 to get started!