What Makes Boxes Unboxing Video Worthy?

All across YouTube, Instagram, and all other social media platforms, unboxing videos have become a popular trend. The concept is quite simple: a consumer records the process of opening a package to reveal the box, the packaging, the products inside, and the consumer’s first impression. From Apple products to bridesmaids dresses, there’s something in common about these unboxing videos that make it “unboxing worthy.”

The best “unboxing worthy” packages are designed well and detailed, not just a boring brown box with tape on it. The packaging is an extension of the company’s brand, and if the customers are impressed, then they are more likely to become a returning customer.

Here are some features that the best “unboxing worthy” packages have:

Easy to Open Design

There’s nothing more frustrating when a user can’t open the box! Maybe the box is taped a little too much, or it takes a little more than common sense to figure out how to open it. Whatever the issue is, nobody likes a box that is hard to open. Just because a customized box is different than all other boxes, it doesn’t mean the packages should be harder to open.

Fonts, Color, and Graphics

Regular brown boxes might be cheap, but they’re boring. Notice that there is a lack of popular unboxing videos with Amazon boxes – they’re so dull! Fonts, color, and graphics make boxes more intriguing and adds depth to the package. Many companies will incorporate visuals that are true to their brand or for promotional use with upcoming holidays or seasons.

Use of Space

Overstuffed boxes can lead to damaged products inside. But using a big box for small items is just a waste of space and money. Companies have to think about how the products appear in the box when the customer opens it. The presentation inside of the custom box is just as important to customers, especially when doing an unboxing video.

When companies use customized boxes that are “unboxing worthy,” not only will they have an impressed customer who’ll share on social media, they get free publicity and potentially more customers from the unboxing videos!

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