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The Top Four Spots to Place Your Custom Endcap Displays

When it comes to creating an effective endcap display for your products, it’s all about location. Although your custom POP display needs to have a striking and engaging design to draw in customers, it also needs to be placed strategically so as many customers as possible will see your custom display. If your corrugated cardboard display stands are in a low-traffic area, you’re already doing yourself a disservice and hindering your chances of success. Place your custom POP display in one of these four desirable areas to take advantage of high foot traffic and increase your return on investment.

1. Near the Point of Sale

One of the most effective places for increasing sales is the cash register. Have you ever wondered why candy, gum, drinks and other small snacks are placed right at the grocery store register? It isn’t just for your convenience; it’s to take advantage of the consumer’s desire to impulse buy and earn more money for the store. The desire to browse while bored in line, combined with the urgency of being up next at the checkout, often results in impulse purchases big and small, which earn lucrative sales for the lucky brands placed in that prime position. Studies show that the average consumer makes three impulse purchases a week, totaling an average of $5,400 per year. You can take your slice of the pie by capitalizing on this consumer behavior and placing your custom POP display right at the point of purchase.

2. The Aisle Endcap

Another high-traffic and desirable location for corrugated display stands is the end of the aisle, otherwise known as the endcap. Custom endcap displays are highly effective because they draw customers’ eyes as they travel throughout the store, standing apart from the sea of products in each aisle’s main shelves. The lack of traditional shelves also makes the products more accessible and allows for more freedom in designing. If you create an interactive and engaging endcap display design, you can see a significant return on investment right away.

3. The Front of the Store

The front of the store is a powerful place to have your corrugated POP display, as it offers exposure to the most amount of customers possible. Whether the shopper is there for one item or a large haul, everyone is guaranteed to see your product if it’s prominently displayed at the entrance. In addition, it allows you to get out ahead of the competition, entering the shopper’s line of sight before they’re exposed to the crowded signage throughout the rest of the store’s interior.

4. Wherever People Line Up

Waiting in line is an inevitable part of the brick-and-mortar retail experience. While often not a particularly pleasant experience for customers, businesses can take advantage of this time and place products right where customers will be forced to stare at them while waiting in line. Just like impulse purchasing at the point of sale, customers will be driven to impulse buy while waiting in line, both out of a subconscious desire to kill time as well as a genuine desire for the product they see in front of them. High-traffic areas with stagnant lines such as these may include the deli section, electronics section, or customer service counter, depending on the type of retail establishment in which your products are sold. Keep the type of establishment in mind when deciding on a display location; while endcaps are most advantageous in grocery stores, the front of the store is best in gas stations where people wait to pay for gasoline, for example.

Wherever you place your endcap display, choosing a custom endcap design optimized to your brand, product, retailer and target audience will help increase sales cost-effectively. To get started building your custom endcap display, check out Build A Box’s online design tool. You can also give us a call at (888) 406-1610 or fill out our online contact form to speak with one of our design experts and receive personalized assistance. We’re always happy to answer any of your questions and provide a free quote for various quantities. No minimum order quantity is required!