Build a Box - Custom Boxes | Three Tips for Creating a Cost-Effective Custom Box Design

Three Tips for Creating a Cost-Effective Custom Box Design

It’s no secret that customers prefer a luxury shopping experience from start to finish — including the product unboxing. With the prevalence of social media and viral packaging, businesses are realizing the importance of custom shipping boxes in both earning new shoppers and securing repeat customers. However, this investment in what’s perceived as a luxury can be daunting to small or medium-sized businesses. It’s a common misconception that custom shipping boxes and custom retail boxes are extremely expensive. The truth is that, if performed cost-effectively, custom box designs can be just as economical as stock wholesale boxes — and the ROI is even better! Here are a few tips for saving money while designing your custom boxes with a logo.

1. Project Preparation

The best way to minimize costs is to have an extremely clear picture of what you want and need from your custom packaging. Do you need custom mailer boxes, custom shipping boxes, custom retail boxes, or custom tray boxes wholesale? Knowing the desired box type, custom dimensions, material thickness, projected quantity and project objective will help you quickly solidify your design and receive an accurate quote as soon as possible. When working with Build A Box, you can use our online design tool to figure out all of the necessary components of your packaging before submitting a quote request. Our design experts can also work with you to alter your design to suit your budget. Having a clear idea of what you want and an open mind to potential workarounds can help you achieve your dream packaging without breaking the bank.

2. Measuring Box Dimensions

The dimensions of your custom packaging box will partly dictate the price, so you’ll need to ensure that you’re providing accurate measurements that are as small as possible while still accommodating your product. When measuring, base your calculations on the internal dimensions of the box rather than the external dimensions. This will ensure a snug fit for your products to better protect them in transit while also reducing costs. Smaller boxes cost less to print and cost less to ship, so the smaller your custom shipping box is, the more cost-effective it will be. However, it must still fit your products, of course, so find the best compromise to ensure safe transit and maximum savings.

3. Working with the Right Manufacturer

Choosing the right manufacturer for your custom shipper boxes is potentially the most significant factor in saving money. Using one manufacturer from ideation to final printing will help minimize costs. Choosing a trusted and professional manufacturer with good reviews will also help ensure that you’re receiving high-quality packaging that lives up to its initial concept. Cutting corners with a cheap manufacturer could result in you needing another round of improved boxes, which ultimately costs you more time and money. A reputable packaging manufacturer will also provide you with cost reduction recommendations and workarounds that accommodate your budget without sacrificing your vision. Not only does Build A Box offer an easy-to-use design tool that makes the process more efficient and cost-effective, but we also offer a team of design experts ready to assist you as needed with every step of the custom box design process.

No matter what budget you’re working with, Build A Box can help you create a custom mailer box for your products. Get started building your custom packaging boxes using our online design tool, or give us a call at (888) 406-1610 to speak with one of our design experts and receive personalized assistance. You can also fill out our online contact form if you have any questions or would like to receive a free quote for a range of quantities. We look forward to hearing from you!