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Tips for Creating Successful Endcap Displays

Endcap displays are a store’s prime real estate, so it’s important that your business takes the time to design a custom product display that will be effective. Endcap displays are an opportunity to grab the attention of new customers and increase brand awareness, so you need to create a custom corrugated display that will not only stand out but also draw in any passersby. If you want to ensure a successful endcap display creation for your next retail opportunity, follow these design tips from the custom display experts at Build A Box.

Think like the customer

The best way to create a custom POP display that will entice the customer is to think like the customer. Visit retail stores like the one your products will be displayed in and pay attention to the displays. Which ones stand out to you, and why? Which colors and configurations draw you in the most? What do the displays with products like yours have in common? Doing market research in this way can help you better understand what your target customer will be subconsciously attracted to while shopping, increasing your chances of success and significant return on investment.

Follow the rule of thirds

If you’ve ever taken an art or photography class, then the rule of thirds is likely a term that you’re familiar with. It refers to a composition guideline in which you place the subject of an image in the right third or left third of an image, leaving the other two-thirds open. This rule is successful because odd numbers and rules of thirds are more pleasing to the eye. When creating your endcap display, follow this rule of thirds by visually dividing your display into thirds, horizontally and vertically. Your most important information or products should be displayed at the intersection of these thirds. 

Utilize vertical space

Similar to the rule of thirds, endcap displays should generally follow the same organizational rule: the banner at the top, messaging in the middle, and product at the bottom. While this can be tweaked and optimized for your unique product and branding, this is a general rule of thumb to follow that allows you to take advantage of every inch of space on your custom product display. When designing your display, take advantage of vertical space to get the most of your money. 

Keep products within reach

Products should generally be kept in the bottom half or bottom third of your display so they’re easy for all customers to reach. Keep in mind shoppers who may be in wheelchairs or motor carts, or customers who are children, depending on your target audience. You always want your product to be as easily accessible as possible to encourage purchasing, so keep your most important products toward the bottom of the display and well within reach.

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