Build a Box - Custom Boxes | What to Look for in a Custom Packaging Provider

What to Look for in a Custom Packaging Provider

If you’ve decided that you’re ready to take the next step in elevating your business, you may have begun brainstorming a design for custom wholesale boxes. Custom boxes can spread brand awareness, increase customer loyalty, and guarantee safer shipping in transit. That’s why thousands of businesses invest in custom shipping boxes using local custom packaging providers. But once you’ve decided to create a box, how do you find the right manufacturer? Choosing a trustworthy packaging provider will make the whole process easier and guarantee you a better end product, so it’s important that you take the time to consider these qualities before choosing your custom box provider.

Years of Experience & Quality

You don’t want to be a custom packaging provider’s first run at it. Inexperience will cost you time and money, and it may even harm your reputation if you use an inferior final product. Ensure that you choose a company with years of experience in the industry. Experience means that the company has honed their craft and will provide you with the highest-quality boxes at the most affordable rate possible and in little time. In business, time is money, and going through endless rounds of trial and error with an inexperienced company has the potential to be very costly. Build A Box has been helping customers with their custom packaging needs since 1996, so we have a refined, hassle-free process that results in unparalleled box quality. 

Positive Customer Reviews

An important step to take when hiring any service provider is to look through previous customer reviews. Don’t just look at website testimonials, but be sure to check third-party reviewing sites such as Yelp, Google, or Facebook. Not only will this allow to see their overall satisfaction rating, but it can give you insights into the creation process and end costs. It will likely also allow you to see more examples of previous work than are available on the provider’s website. The more information, the better when it comes to trusting any service provider with your business. Taking the time to find a 5-star expert in custom corrugated boxes will make the process a more pleasant one in the end.

Build a Box - Custom Boxes | What to Look for in a Custom Packaging Provider

Hassle-Free Service

As we said before, time is money. Of course you want to ensure you get the perfect product, but you also don’t want to have to spend weeks going back and forth to perfect it. If you already know exactly what you want, choosing a custom shipping boxes expert with an online design tool will make the process much easier and quicker. At Build A Box, we allow you to create a product box online using our free and easy online design configuration tool. You simply select your desired dimensions, box strength, design specifications, and quantity. We’ll get back to you right away with a free estimate. If you want a manufacturing process that’s quick, simple, and guaranteed, choose a custom packaging provider with an online design tool like Build A Box.

If you’re ready to get started designing your custom corrugated boxes, visit our website to use our free online box configuration tool. If you need design assistance, call us at (888) 406-1610 and one of our design experts would be happy to help you through the process. We always strive to make the process of creating custom wholesale boxes as easy and hassle-free as possible. That’s why we’ve delivered nothing but high-quality boxes at an affordable rate for more than 20 years.