Build a Box - Custom Boxes | 5 Holiday Ideas for Package Designing

5 Holiday Ideas for Package Designing

During the holiday season, your business needs to stand out when attracting customers. The best way to bring in new customers is by designing your own packages that fit the Christmas festivities. At Build A Box, we specialize in customizing wholesale boxes for independent businesses across Irvine, Anaheim, Santa Fe Springs, and other cities across Orange County. Our expert designers can accommodate your needs by letting you choose your box’s size, strength, and quantity. With the Christmas season being the busiest time of the year for local businesses, these holiday ideas can help you get creative in approaching your holiday design for your custom box:

Utilizing the Colors of Christmas – Red & Green or Gold & Black

If you’re looking for something traditional for your packages, red and green are the best colors to resemble the Christmas spirit. Our custom wholesale boxes can accommodate your business’ simple approach to the holiday using these two colors for a Christmas tree design, present design, or anything resembling the festivities.

For something modern and more business related, gold and black can be used for your custom wholesale boxes as a way to establish your brand’s sense of professionalism. Gold can represent a luxurious look, while black brings a form of elegance and simplicity to anyone looking at the box design’s sleek look. Build A Box’s custom wholesale boxes offer a wide variety of options when you’re deciding on the perfect color to establish your business to the public.

Get Inspired by Scandinavian Sweater Designs

If you’re looking for inspiration to put on your wholesale box, then how about customizing your box with folk patterns inspired by Scandinavian lore. Since ugly sweaters are common apparel to wear for the holiday, what better way to take inspiration in its “ugly” folk design and apply it to your wholesale box. With a wide variety of snowmen, snowflakes, Christmas Trees, and Santa Claus designs and colors to choose from, the possibilities are endless when you’re applying folk-based Scandinavian tradition into your custom boxes.


If you want your business to get recognition, embossing is a great way to get brand recognition and can serve as a great solution for upscale brands to utilize your services. Embossing is a great way to attract potential buyers looking for custom boxes that are eye-catching. 

Adding a Christmas-Themed Hashtag

Adding a holiday-themed hashtag on your custom box can encourage customers to go online and buy the products you’re providing. With today’s technological culture being dedicated to online shopping and brand recognition, hashtags are a great way to get recognition for the product you’re selling to consumers.

Use Wood Wool & Paper Shred

Wood wool is a great decoration idea to put inside your custom wholesale box to resemble the holiday theme. Your business can go for using natural colors or go for the appropriate colors associated with the holidays — red, green, black, and gold. While we focus more on the exterior design of our custom boxes, we are more than happy to help you customize the interior of your box design by adding in these accessories to fit your creative vision.

At Build A Box, we work with local businesses around Irvine, Anaheim, Santa Fe, and all of Orange County to create the perfect custom box fit for their operations. We also offer our online box designer, where you can customize the look, size, and color of how you want your box to look to represent what type of product you’re showing off to the public. 

Along with our custom wholesale box services, we specialize in corrugated display boxes to grab the attention of local retailers around your area while serving as a great foundation to bring in consumers and elevating your brand based on your business’ creative mindset. For more information on how to get started designing your own custom box just in time for the holidays, give us a call at (888) 406-1610 to start today, or use our free online designer tool with further help courtesy of our expert design team.