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Reflect Your Company Culture with Corrugated Employee Kits

Most companies only get one chance to make a memorable first impression with their new employees. Many are choosing to utilize corrugated employee welcome kits to accomplish this. Not only do these kits serve as a great introduction to your company, especially during these uncertain times, but these corrugated box kits also help ingratiate new employees, making them feel more confident and comfortable. Here’s why businesses are increasingly turning to welcome kits and how they can be used to highlight a company’s culture. 

The Need For a Corrugated Employee Welcome Kit

Welcome kits provide businesses the opportunity to outline their cultural values and priorities. It’s here where companies share their vision with their new employees in a creative and exciting manner. The act of receiving a welcome kit will also make new employees feel welcome and appreciated. 

What Makes Up a Corrugated Kit?

The inside of a corrugated employee kit often depends on what your company is seeking to accomplish. Most important to whatever is featured inside of your kit is the type of information you want to convey to your new employee and the manner in which you want to present it in. Welcome kits will typically include an informational guide to a company’s history, rules, and values. These are meant to provide employees with knowledge about the company. Clothing like t-shirts and caps are another frequent option that these kits will often have inside. Smaller items like cups, stickers, and assorted snacks usually round out a package. Items like these are more light-hearted and fun meant to contrast with the information-heavy pieces in the kit. 

What You Can Accomplish With An Employee Welcome Kit

Ultimately, corrugated employee welcome kits are more than just various items. They reflect a company’s culture and how they view their employees. Kits can help inform employees about a company’s brand and help them comfortably settle into a new environment. The simple act of providing a beautifully designed employee kit can go a long way in showing that a company values their employees.

There’s no better way for a company to make a great first impression with its new employees than with a well-designed custom welcome kit. If your business is looking to welcome their new employees with a memorable first experience, call Build A Box at (888) 406-1610 or visit our Build page to use our free box designer online. Build A Box offers numerous customizable box options that will allow you to create a custom box kit that matches your company’s ambition and desire for success. At Build A Box, we’re eager to help to make your vision a reality which is why we’ll provide you with a free estimate for your next project.