Build a Box - Custom Boxes | 5 Reasons You Should Use Custom Shipping Boxes for Your Business

5 Reasons You Should Use Custom Shipping Boxes for Your Business

If you’re looking for an affordable way to impress your customers and stand out from the competition, custom shipping boxes are a great option. Choose any set of dimensions and add your logo or full-color designs to transform your boring brown shipping boxes into traveling advertisements at an affordable rate. Here are five reasons why you should use custom shipping boxes for your business.

The perfect size every time

Our boxes are completely customizable and custom cut to your exact desired dimensions. Custom sizing means that there’s never any excessive, wasteful packaging, which can be a turnoff for many consumers. There’s also no need for excessive packaging products like packing peanuts and bubble wrap. It’s safer for the products you’re shipping as well since there’s less unnecessary room for the product to move around and shift during the shipping process. Perfectly-sized boxes that cut down on extra space also mean cheaper shipping costs for your business, since the calculation of dimensions is factored into the price in addition to weight.

Build brand awareness

The customer doesn’t just see your box at its final destination; it will come into contact with dozens, even hundreds of people as it makes its way to the consumer. With a custom box, you can utilize the sides of your shipper box as advertising space, familiarizing people with your company’s logo. The more that people see your company’s name and branding, the more familiar it will become and the more likely someone will be to use your company in the future. Build your brand and increase brand awareness through custom shipper boxes today.

Build a Box - Custom Boxes | 5 Reasons You Should Use Custom Shipping Boxes for Your Business

Spread information & inform customers

Custom boxes allow you to include valuable information on the outside of the box, such as a contact number, webpage address and ordering instructions. Aside from giving this useful information to your customer, it will also provide this information to any potential customers who come across the box when it is recycled, reused, or en route to the purchaser.

Improve brand perception & repeat purchases

It’s undeniable that packaging affects purchasing decisions and brand perception. According to some studies, almost half of consumers say that gift-like packaging makes them more likely to make a repeat purchase with a brand. In a poll, 68% said that custom packaging makes the brand seem more upscale, and 61% say that custom boxes get them more excited about receiving the package. By elevating the customer experience and investing in an affordable branding solution like custom shipping boxes, you’re increasing your chances of earning repeat customers.

Effective & affordable marketing

As far as marketing campaigns go, custom shipping boxes are an extremely affordable tactic with high traffic and ROI. The increase in price for custom boxes versus traditional shipping boxes is minimal, but the impact is tremendous. As stated before, there are a numerous amount of people who see the box, and come into contact with it while it makes its way to the final destination. Take this opportunity to make your box your brand – a la Amazon – and advertise your company to those who may have never been exposed to it before. Custom wholesale boxes are a much cheaper alternative to traditional digital and print advertising, but they’ll likely receive even higher traffic.

If you’re ready to get started creating your custom shipping box order, visit the Build A Box® website to use our easy, no-obligation online configuration tool. Choose your dimensions, material, and design, and we’ll get back to you right away with a free quote. Need assistance? Call us at (888) 406-1610, and one of our expert designers will be happy to help you create a box perfectly suited to your company.