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Product Packaging Trends for 2024

As companies prepare for 2024, packaging designs are poised to take a prominent role in standing out on shelves and conveying brand stories in visually arresting ways. While sustainable solutions remain imperative in a climate-conscious world, aesthetics also come to the forefront. Vibrant colors, bold typography, multi-dimensional textures, and eye-catching graphics tell brand stories while […]

4 Signs of a Reliable Custom POP Display Manufacturer

If you’ve decided that you’re ready to take the next step in elevating your business, you may have begun brainstorming a design for a cardboard POP display. Retail displays can spread brand awareness, increase customer loyalty and boost sales in-store — that’s why thousands of businesses invest in custom POP displays using local custom packaging […]

Why Are Box Samples Important for Your Custom Packaging Design?

Custom printed shipping boxes can be a crucial investment for your small business. If you perfect your custom mailer boxes, you can ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty while improving your brand image and perceived brand value. To ensure that your custom packaging design is on point, however, it’s best to request a box sample or […]

Why Are Short-Run Displays So Important in a Digital Marketplace?

In today’s digital world, it’s more important than ever to stand out from the crowd when it comes to marketing. Short-run displays are an effective and cost-efficient way to do just that.  Although e-commerce increases in popularity each year, brick-and-mortar shopping still accounts for 82.7 percent of all retail shopping in the United States. By […]

5 Reasons More Businesses Are Choosing Short-Run Boxes

Most small businesses know the numerous benefits of custom shipping boxes, but the large minimum order quantities and resulting cost can often be a deterrent to this worthwhile investment. Luckily, more and more wholesalers and retailers are becoming aware of the custom short-run box — the same high-quality custom packaging solution, but with no or […]

Why Is Corrugated Cardboard the Best Choice for Your Custom POP Display?

When investing in custom POP displays, you want something that will increase your brand value and boost sales without breaking the bank. That’s why so many small businesses choose corrugated cardboard for their POS display stands. Corrugated cardboard is a simple material, but it’s this simplicity that makes it the perfect canvas for customization. Whether […]

How To Use Seasonal Custom Packaging Boxes to Your Advantage

The holiday season is undeniably the busiest time of the year for virtually every e-commerce business and retailer. From budgeting to product development and sale planning, the holidays warrant their own business strategy because of their significance for retailers and wholesalers alike. This holiday strategy also extends to your product packaging and shipping boxes. If […]

How Do Custom POP Displays Increase Customer Retention?

Did you know that businesses lose out on more than $75 billion each year due to poor customer service? Delivering a good customer experience is essential in every aspect of your business, and failing to meet expectations can hurt customer retention and, in turn, your company’s bottom line.   Custom cardboard displays are no exception. […]

4 Common Problems in Designing a Custom Product Display

Creating a custom POP display can be a complex process if you aren’t paired with the proper custom packaging manufacturer, and there are a lot of opportunities for things to go wrong. When you’re investing so much time and money into a project, you want to make sure it turns out perfectly the first time, […]