Build a Box - Custom Boxes | The Different Types of Custom Boxes (Part 2)

The Different Types of Custom Boxes (Part 2)

Welcome to Build A Box! When it comes to creating custom box designs, we are the best in the business in Fullerton and have an easy to use box designer online tool that can help with your every need. We offer a wide variety of custom box types, all of which can be as elaborate or as simple as you’d like. Today, we’re discussing three types of custom boxes and what you can potentially do with your business’ customized box design! We’re breaking down our retail boxes, literature boxes, and custom trays.

Build a Box - Custom Boxes | The Different Types of Custom Boxes (Part 2)


Retail boxes (also known as the reverse tuck end box or RTE) are mostly used for retail purposes but can be used for shipping with a stronger and thicker box. This box type allows for the box to be self-locking and doesn’t require tape or glue to stay closed. Retail boxes can also be modified to have snap lock bottoms, thumb holes for easy opening, or same-side tuck end.

Brands will typically customize retail boxes with their logos and with what the product is inside. Retail boxes can be found anywhere because of the versatility it provides. From perfume and make-up products at a boutique in Downtown Fullerton to kitchen appliances at the local Target, retail boxes can be used for just about anything!

Build a Box - Custom Boxes | The Different Types of Custom Boxes (Part 2)


Literature boxes, otherwise known as one piece folders (OPF), are ideal for shipping books, picture frames, and other wide but flat objects. These boxes are typically made to fold around what is enclosed. Modifications for literature boxes include variable depths, self-locking tabs, and protective air cells.

These types of boxes are most often used when shipping an item that is big but not bulky. For example, if a Cal State Fullerton student orders a book for a class off Amazon, they might get their book shipped to them in a literature box. Using literature boxes are considered the most economical way to ship items like this because it doesn’t require any excess packaging or protection like bubble wrap or packing peanuts.

Build a Box - Custom Boxes | The Different Types of Custom Boxes (Part 2)


Tray boxes used commonly for narrow items like pictures frames or to display products. Two tray boxes can also be put together to form a full box with a lid. This box type is also known as a design style tray (DST), and the flaps can be glued, taped, or stapled. Other modifications include roll end tray, roll side tray, corner cut tray, or telescoping option.

Customized trays can boost the aesthetics of any area with organizational needs. The mailroom or front desk of an office building will automatically look clean and organized when things are properly sorted into trays. Fullerton boutiques, bakeries, and other stores have invested in trays to help organize their products.

Do you need a customized retail box, literature box, or tray? Build A Box is here to help you bring your custom boxes to life! Get started on your custom box design using our online tool today! If you have any questions about building your customized box, give us a call at (888) 406-1610.