Build a Box - Custom Boxes | Client Spotlight: Neunaber Audio

Client Spotlight: Neunaber Audio

Neunaber Audio is a California-based company that produces audio products with an emphasis on high-fidelity sound and balancing simplicity with functionality. Neunaber has been a proud partner with Build A Box for several years, utilizing our custom mailer box for its audio product packaging. With full-color designs, visual texture, and custom inserts, Neunaber utilizes much of what Build A Box has to offer to create a stunning and one-of-a-kind custom box for its product packaging. If you’re an e-commerce company looking for design inspiration, here are just a few of the possibilities available to you for your custom box design.

Box Type & Dimensions

The first step to any box design is choosing your preferred box type and custom dimensions. Due to the custom insert in Neunaber’s design, custom dimensions were not imperative to the process. However, Neunaber wanted a mailer box design due to its design versatility and self-closing feature. Mailer boxes (also known as RETT roll end tuck top) are flat, die-cut boxes that are easy to assemble with a simple, self-closing design. They are a popular shipping option due to their more premier appearance versus the traditional shipping box.

Build a Box - Custom Boxes | Client Spotlight: Neunaber Audio

Graphics & Color

Once they had chosen their box type and size, Neunaber submitted their custom graphics. They chose to add a stunning visual texture with a glossy finish design that contrasted matte and gloss waves. Their large, tan logo prominently featured in the center of the box provides effective advertising space as the box makes its way through the shipping process. When customers receive their product, they get excited knowing exactly who it’s from. The sleek and minimalistic design is still eye-catching and effective, and they took full advantage of the design options to create a unique box that combines professional design with personality and elements of fun.

Build a Box - Custom Boxes | Client Spotlight: Neunaber Audio

Custom Insert

We can create custom inserts to perfectly fit your product. Custom inserts better protect the item in transit while also creating an elevated unboxing experience for the customer. In order to make custom inserts, we’ll need your product in hand to size and build a customized insert around. Your custom insert can include color graphics just like your box, offering you more design space and room for creativity. Simply provide us with your product(s) and your unique design, and we’ll create a custom mailer box insert that presents your product to the customer in a dynamic and engaging way. 

If you have an e-commerce brand or product subscription service that could benefit from custom mailer boxes, consider something like Neunaber Audio’s design. A sturdy mailer box with cohesive graphics and an impressive custom insert creates a premium unboxing experience for the customer, leaving them happy with your company and your item. To speak to a design expert about the virtually endless possibilities for creating your custom packaging, call Build A Box at (888) 406-1610. You can also use our free online configuration tool to design your box in just a matter of minutes. We would be happy to provide you with a free quote for a range of quantities.