Build a Box - Custom Boxes | Shipping vs Retail Shipper Box: What’s the Difference?

Shipping vs Retail Shipper Box: What’s the Difference?

Here at Build A Box, the custom box possibilities are virtually endless! With our six different types of boxes and all of their various customizations, you can truly create whatever you need to help your business thrive. We offer shipping boxes, mailer boxes, retail shipper boxes, literature boxes, tray boxes, and corrugated displays. One issue that we find many customers have is differentiating between the shipping box and the retail shipper box. Due to their similar names, people often get them confused or ask us what the difference is. That’s why today we’re going to be explaining the difference between these two bestselling box types!

Build a Box - Custom Boxes | Shipping vs Retail Shipper Box: What’s the Difference?

Shipping Box

The shipping box is by far one of our most popular options due to its versatility. It has the most familiar and standard shape of any box in our lineup, with the simple open-flap top found in most cardboard boxes. Although they can be used for just about anything, shipping boxes are perfect for just that: shipping things. Custom dimensions allow you to better protect your product by leaving less room for movement, and you can become more environmentally conscious by reducing the amount of packing materials needed. Shipping boxes are great for shipping or storage, and they can accommodate any product big or small. Custom inserts and designs will further elevate your brand value and set you apart when shipping your products to consumers. If you need a box that can do it all, custom shipping boxes are perfect for your business!

Build a Box - Custom Boxes | Shipping vs Retail Shipper Box: What’s the Difference?

Retail Shipper Box

Retail shipper boxes, despite their name, are not meant to be shipped. Although you can ship retail shipper boxes, they aren’t made to withstand the rough mailing process. Rather, their primary use is for displaying products on shelves. Whereas shipping boxes can be closed from the top with tape, retail shipper boxes are self-closing using a cardboard tab rather than tape. This allows consumers to easily view the product while in stores. Retail shipper boxes also offer you greater design versatility since they’re meant to jump out at the passing consumer and inform them as to what’s inside the box. If you have products that need to be contained within a custom box for retail display, a retail shipper is definitely the way to go.

How to Build Your Box

With our easy-to-use online configuration tool, you can get started building your box right away! Firstly, enter your desired dimensions up to fractions as specific as 1/16 of an inch. Then choose your custom box strength: standard, strong, standard double wall, or HD double wall. Once you’ve chosen your desired structure, choose your design. You can select between standard kraft or white box colors, or you can choose a multi-color print option with full image customization. Choose how many panels you’d like your design or logo featured on, and you’re done! Just let us know how many boxes you’d like and we’ll send you a free quote right away.

Here at Build A Box, we make it our top priority to provide each and every client with the most durable, professional, and visually appealing custom box in your industry. Whether you need a shipping box or a retail shipper box, our team of design experts will aid you in the creation of a perfectly branded box that will differentiate you from any other business in your field. Start your custom box design today using our online configuration tool or by giving us a call at (888) 406-1610.