Build a Box - Custom Boxes | How to Choose the Correct Box for Your Business Type

How to Choose the Correct Box for Your Business Type

Each business is entirely unique in its shipping and storage needs, from product dimensions to branding design. Here at Build A Box, we have six different types of boxes to choose from, each with virtually endless customization options. With so much choice, it can be difficult to know exactly which box type is perfect for your company and its unique needs. Here’s a breakdown of our most popular box types and how to choose which is best for your business.

Shipping Box

The shipping box is one of our most popular options due to its vast versatility. The shipping box is a typical brown box with a simple open-flap top. Although it can be used for just about anything, it’s perfect for safely and securely shipping your products. Custom dimensions allow for better product protection since less extra space in the box means less movement and less chance of damage. Make it as big or as small as you’d like, and add custom inserts and designs to further elevate your brand value. If you need a box that can do it all, custom shipping boxes are perfect for just about every business type.

Mailer Box

Mailer boxes are a highly popular option for e-commerce businesses and subscription services. They’re a premium option that enhances the customer’s unboxing experience by offering a self-closing feature and double-sided, full-color design. They’re a popular shipping option since they offer substantial protection during the mailing process while offering a more premier appearance over the traditional shipping box. If you’re looking to offer your e-commerce customer a premium unboxing experience, choose a mailer box for your company’s custom box type. 

Retail Shipper Box

The retail shipper box is primarily used to display products on shelves, making them ideal for businesses that have a product sold in their store or by a third-party retailer. Despite the name, these boxes are not ideal for shipping products and withstanding the rough mailing process. Retail shipper boxes are self-closing using a cardboard flap rather than tape, allowing customers to easily view the product within stores. If you’ve ever opened the cardboard product box to view the product itself while in-store, you were likely interacting with a retail shipper box. Businesses with a product sold in physical stores can best take advantage of our customizable retail shipper box.

Build a Box - Custom Boxes | How to Choose the Correct Box for Your Business Type

Literature Box

Literature boxes are a versatile and durable shipping solution that will protect your products from dust, debris, and damage during transport or storage. If you specialize in shipping books, binders, catalogs, stationery, magazines, or other flat literary products, the literature box type is perfect for you. The literature box’s unique side flaps offer enhanced dust protection, while the outside front tuck provides added strength and security. The shape is ideal for flat literature products, but completely customizable dimensions allow you to accommodate almost any product you need it for. 

Tray Box

The tray box is another of our most popular option due to its wide versatility and its ability to be used across virtually all industries. Even if you don’t need to ship boxes, the tray box can be utilized as storage, organization, or a display case. Choose from an open-face tray box, a tray with a sleeve, or combine two tray boxes to create a tray box with a lid. The versatility of the tray box in addition to customizable dimensions and designs allows you to find the solution you need, no matter what industry you’re in.

Corrugated Retail Display

Our corrugated retail display is the perfect way to enhance your space inside of a third-party retailer. Customizing your point-of-sale display allows you to effectively market your product and spread brand awareness. Whether you choose an end cap floor display, a countertop display, a pallet display, or a stand-up display, there’s a corrugated retail display perfect for any product. Customize your display’s shape, size, and design with the endless possibilities afforded to you by Build A Box custom box designer.

No matter what box type you choose, the virtually endless customization options from Build A Box ensure that you’ll end up with something that is perfectly suited to your business. Choose your desired dimensions, box strength, custom designs, and quantity using our free online configuration tool. To speak to one of our expert designers and receive a free quote on your next custom box, give Build A Box a call at (888) 406-1610 today.