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How to Create a Custom Product Box Online

With e-commerce rising in unprecedented numbers, it’s important to stand out in the marketplace. The average homeowner is now coming home to a flood of brown boxes on their doorstep, so offering a custom product box can help set you apart and establish a strong brand identity. If you want to create a product box online for your e-commerce business, Build A Box offers a convenient online tool that will walk you through the simple but powerful customization process.

1. Choose the Best Size & Shape

When creating a custom product box online, the first thing you’ll want to decide is what box style is best for you. We offer six unique models: shipping, mailer, retail, literature, tray and corrugated display boxes. Whether you want a POS retail display or a durable shipping box, one of our styles is guaranteed to be perfectly suited for your products. Once you’ve chosen the box type, you can fully customize the dimensions based on your needs. Make sure that your items are well-packaged and safe in transit by choosing dimensions that are specific to your product. This allows you to use less void fill and cardboard, so you can be eco-friendly as well!

2. Adjust the Material Thickness

Once you’ve chosen box type and dimensions, the next step to create a custom product box online is to choose your material and thickness. Here at Build A Box, we have four box strengths for you to choose from: standard, strong, standard double-wall, and HD double wall. Our box strengths vary from 3/16” thick to ⅜” thick, and the thickest option can support up to 120 pounds in weight. Material strength may not be a factor that many business owners initially consider, but it plays an important role in leaving a good first impression on customers. If you invest in high-quality material that feels substantial, this will reflect well on your business. If you choose a thin or flimsy material that the customer feels is cheap or inadequate for the weight of the product ordered, they may be unimpressed despite any custom branding.

Build a Box - Custom Boxes | How to Create a Custom Product Box Online3. Add Custom Graphics & Branding

The final, and possibly most important, step of creating your custom wholesale boxes is to add your personal design. Whether it’s a single black-and-white logo or double-sided, full-color designs, you can make your custom box entirely your own. Incorporate bold branding to spread brand awareness and secure repeat sales. Custom graphics and box design will not only impress your existing customers, but it also serves as effective advertising. Whoever comes into contact with your box on its way to the customer will become familiar with your logo and brand identity, a crucial part of any company’s growth.

Once you’ve completed your custom box design, the next step is to sit back and relax! We’ll get back to you right away with a free estimate for your custom product box in a variety of requested quantities. We can even provide one-off prototypes if you’d like to see your vision come to life before placing a larger order. Here at Build A Box, we make it easier than ever to create a custom product box online. Our online configuration tool takes all of the hassle out of the process, and our expert design team is always here to help you with any questions you may have. Give us a call today at (888) 406-1610 to find out more, or visit our Build page to get started designing!