Build a Box - Custom Boxes | 3 Tips to Create the Perfect Custom Packaging

3 Tips to Create the Perfect Custom Packaging

Okay, so you know that you need custom packaging to elevate your business and increase brand value. But how do you go about creating that perfect box design? It can be hard to know exactly what to consider in a box design if this is your first time creating a product box online, but with the Build A Box team behind you, you can create the perfect custom mailer box by following these three simple steps.

  1. Nail down your branding

Having a clearly defined brand identity is crucial for any company, regardless of their custom packaging needs. Having a logo and branding that fully represents who you are as a company and what you provide is the biggest first step toward creating the perfect box design. Choose an easily identifiable logo that’s implemented across all of your physical and digital assets. Next, pick colors and images that appeal specifically to your target demographic and make it clear what products or services you offer to the consumer. A custom mailer box design can’t help you very much if you don’t have cohesive and well-established branding that appeals to your customer and sticks in their mind.

  1. Make it functional

In the world of custom boxes, it’s not enough to just be beautiful; your custom mailer box must be functional as well. If your shipping box doesn’t protect the products in transit, your customer will be dissatisfied upon receiving their damaged item and your company’s reputation will pay the price. Utilize custom inserts and specify custom dimensions in order to create a packaging solution that provides the best functionality. At Build A Box, we can create boxes of any shape or size up to 200” x 200” x 20”, so no product is too big, small, or awkwardly shaped for a custom box design. Our custom inserts will provide even further protection for items and enhance the customer’s unboxing experience for increased brand loyalty and maximum return on investment. 

Build a Box - Custom Boxes | 3 Tips to Create the Perfect Custom Packaging

  1. Think about the unboxing experience

The best way to secure a repeat sale is to make your customer’s shopping experience memorable. If they enjoy the sensation of opening their order and unveiling their new product, they’re more likely to want to repeat that experience with your company. When you make the decision to invest in custom packaging, don’t just make it look pretty. You also need to consider how the customer will interact with the box itself and create a memorable unboxing experience. Custom mailer boxes are a popular option because they replicate the feeling of opening a gift more than alternatives such as standard shipping boxes. We can also print custom graphics on the inside of the box as well as the outside, so you can greet the customer with a custom message from your business or illustrations that make them smile. Include small touches like branded tissue paper or an inlay card to add further luxury and interaction that the customer will love and appreciate.

If you’re looking to create the perfect custom box design for your business, no one makes it easier than Build A Box. You can create a product box online in just a few minutes using our convenient online box designer, or speak with one of our expert team members for extra guidance. Whether you need a custom mailer box or a stand-out retail display, Build A Box can help take your business to the next level with custom wholesale boxes. Give us a call at (888) 406-1610 for more information or to request a free quote today. No minimum quantity is required to order!