Build a Box - Custom Boxes | The Different Types of Custom Boxes (Part 1)

The Different Types of Custom Boxes (Part 1)

Here at Build A Box, we offer a wide variety of custom box types. Whether you want a simple custom box with your logo or an elaborate box design, we can do it for you. Today, we’re discussing two types of custom boxes and what you can potentially do with your business’ customized box design! Shipping and mailer boxes are two of our most popular box types, and we’re breaking it down for you.

Build a Box - Custom Boxes | The Different Types of Custom Boxes (Part 1)


A standard shipping box is the most common type of box used for shipping and storage. These boxes are also known as a regular slotted container (RSC) and offer the best sizing for bulkier items. The shipper boxes can be modified to have hand holes, an automatic folding bottom, partial overlapping flaps, stapled sides, a snap-locking bottom, and more.
A great example of a shipping box is from one of our longest running clients, Raw Juicery! Raw Juicery sells juices and cleanses online and ships them to customers. Their shipping boxes are customized to be branded with their logo on the outside and have custom inserts to insulate the products and protect them from breaking. Although they are based in Los Angeles, the custom boxes make it easy to ship to customers from Anaheim to New York!

However, shipping boxes can do more than ship to clients. Due to its shape and size, many people will buy shipping boxes from stores like Home Depot or Staples for storage or for moving. Although these custom boxes may initially seem mundane, it actually can boost sales for the company. For example, if a couple is moving into a luxurious apartment in Anaheim and has packed all their belongings in Home Depot branded shipping boxes, people who see them moving will notice the Home Depot logo on the box, and will know where to go should the same occasion arise.

Build a Box - Custom Boxes | The Different Types of Custom Boxes (Part 1)


Mailer boxes are most commonly used for subscription box delivery services but are also great for e-commerce packaging or retail gift boxes. Also known as roll end tuck top (RETT) boxes, they are flat, die-cut boxes that are assembled with a simple self-closing design.

My Lit Box and Kidstir are two of many of our clients that use mailer boxes to fulfill subscription packages. Both companies have customized this type of box to their individual brand in a way that gets subscribers excited about the packaging and items inside. Mailer boxes are great for shipping smaller pieces and can be customized to be as strong and durable as needed.

Mailer boxes are also commonly used as product packages in retail stores. Many times when a store wants to bundle together popular items or run a promo for specific products, they will use a mailer box to keep the items together in a cohesive custom package. For example, many stores in Anaheim near Disneyland will have Disney merchandise in stock. However, during the summer peak season, they may bundle Disney items together in a package to boost sales!

Do you need a custom shipping box or mailer box? We have you covered. You can get started on your custom box design using our online tool today! Build A Box is committed to bringing our clients high-quality products and top-notch customer service. If you have any questions about building your customized box, give us a call at (888) 406-1610.