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Top Benefits of a Corrugated Cardboard Display

If you’re transitioning from exclusively e-commerce sales to a retail presence, you’ll likely need custom displays made. Custom corrugated cardboard display stands are a popular way to showcase your products inside retail stores, especially at endcap displays or points of sale displays. Although you may be weighing different retail storage and presentation solutions, custom cardboard displays are one of the top choices because of their numerous benefits.

1. Cost-Effective 

Corrugated cardboard display stands are a cost-effective marketing tool that increases your ROI while remaining more affordable than other comparable retail displays. Purchasing permanent display space within a store is a cost that’s often out of reach for many small businesses, which is why endcap displays and cardboard countertop displays are a popular solution. By designing your custom product display with prominent branding and eye-catching colors, you can boost sales without breaking the bank, and make your way toward a more permanent retail solution.

2. Environmentally Friendly

For brands that are concerned with sustainability and eco-friendly brand image, Build A Box custom corrugated display stands are fully recyclable. By using 100% recyclable cardboard for your display needs, you can do your part to benefit the environment while also boosting your brand image. Sustainability is an important value for modern consumers, so set your brand ahead of competitors with an eco-friendly retail marketing solution.

3. Great for Marketing

Marketing can be one of the largest parts of any company’s budget, whether you rely on digital marketing or physical billboards to sell your business. However, few companies realize the full value of custom packaging and corrugated displays for spreading brand awareness. As one of the most affordable marketing solutions available, custom corrugated cardboard displays also serve to promote a new brand or product by informing customers and spreading the word of mouth. If you want to stand out on the shelves and increase visibility for your products, custom product displays are an ideal solution.

4. Versatile

Build A Box customers love custom corrugated cardboard display stands because of their incredible versatility. With virtually unlimited design possibilities, you can bring your brand’s vision to life without sacrificing anything. Choose from various shapes, sizes, functionalities, and full-color graphics for a custom product display that’s entirely unique to you and your company. You can even create different endcap displays for different retailers, events, promotions, or seasons. No matter what you envision your cardboard countertop displays to look like, Build A Box can make it a reality.

If you’ve been contemplating whether custom corrugated displays are a worthwhile investment for your business, consider these top benefits that make custom endcap displays one of the most beloved and highly used marketing tactics in the retail industry. Build A Box can work with you one-on-one to create a custom product display that perfectly represents your brand and your latest products. Give us a call at (888) 406-1610 to find out more or to speak to one of our knowledgeable and friendly custom box design experts.