Build a Box - Custom Boxes | Understanding the Psychology of Custom Packaging

Understanding the Psychology of Custom Packaging

If you’ve decided to invest in custom boxes for your small business, you may be struggling to identify what the next steps are. How do you design the perfect custom cardboard boxes for your audience and ensure ROI? There’s a lot that goes into creating the perfect custom packaging, including market research and psychology. By understanding and harnessing the psychology of custom packaging, you can create custom wholesale boxes that are exponentially more likely to earn new and repeat sales from your target market. 

Make a Good First Impression

First impressions matter. Whether it’s meeting a person for the first time or buying a product from a brand for the first time, customers inevitably judge a book by its cover and let their first impressions shape their overall perception. That’s why it’s imperative that brands leave a good first impression with high-quality custom packaging. Before even seeing the product, customers will be left with a better perception of your company and its perceived value. In a 2018 study conducted by the Paper and Packaging Board, 72% of respondents said packaging design can influence their purchasing decisions. Brands that opt for standard packaging have a significantly higher risk of losing out on shoppers’ attention, in-store or online, and consequently losing out on sales. Eye-catching, custom wholesale boxes can set you apart from your competitors and leave a stand-out impression on consumers.

Encourage Viral Marketing

All businesses, big or small, rely on word of mouth to secure new customers. In the modern era, that word of mouth can include viral content that spreads product recommendations to thousands, or even millions, of consumers in record time. If you want to harness the power of social media and viral marketing, you need to create something worth sharing. Keeping an eye on the latest online trends and thinking outside the box for your custom packaging can help you increase your chances of having a viral moment. Think about popular digital content like unboxing videos. How can you tailor your custom wholesale boxes to stand out in such a format? Focus on bright colors, striking detail, and market trends. If you invest time into unique designs and high-quality packaging, you can quickly spread brand awareness through word of mouth.

Lead with Core Brand Values

Custom packaging is a great opportunity to tell customers who you are and what you do in just a few brief moments. In order to find an audience that aligns with the values of your product and sees value in your product, you need to convey what those values are. Utilize your custom cardboard boxes in a way that expresses your brand’s self-perception. Is sustainability at the forefront of your brand’s values? Focus on eco-friendly, fully recyclable packaging. 66% of customers say that they’d be willing to spend more on a product from a sustainable brand. Whatever your key principles are, convey them quickly and effectively to your target audience through clever and high-quality custom wholesale boxes from Build A Box.

If you want to create the most effective custom packaging possible for your small business, contact the team at Build A Box. We’re industry experts that understand the psychology of custom packaging and can help guide you toward effective and affordable packaging design. Use our online design tool to quickly and easily design your dream packaging, or give us a call at (888) 406-1610 to speak with our design team about your options.